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Autumn Centerpieces

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Creating beautiful fall centerpieces is a cinch! Try these lovely fall decor ideas using natural items:
* Ceramic or Wooden Bowls lined w/ Pretty Cloth or Napkins & filled with fruit or gourds

* Hot Glue Acorns & Cinnamon Sticks to a pretty jar or glass and place a votive candle inside

* Place a row of apples in the center, carve out just enough to place a green tea-light candle and set it down into the apple. Makes a beautiful addition to the table (To prevent the cut area from browning too quickly, dip into lemon juice.

* Place a small wicker basket in the center on a pretty placemat, add pinecones & a couple oranges & apples

* Pint Size Mason Jars: fill the bottom with cracked corn and place a (colored) candle in the middle

* Make Mini “Vegetable” People out of turnips, gourds, or small melons. Use mini Terracotta pots for “hats” The kids love to make these!

* Place a small decorative plate in the center of your table, add several candles of varying sizes & then cover the bottom of the plate with Candy Corn. The candy will glisten when the candles burn.

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1 thought on “Autumn Centerpieces”

  1. oh, i love your candle sconce, that is so pretty! i want to make some autumn sconces using the new wineglass tea light lamp tutorial and add some flowers around the base for our mantle. Last year we used the candy corn idea and I got a ton of compliments from various guests throughtout the season.

    One thing though, if you have high humidity, the candy corn will get sticky!


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