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Liss Surefire Catfish Bait

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Liss Surefire Catfish Bait!

If you love to go fishing and want to catch some BIG fish, you’ll really enjoy this tried and true fishing bait recipe. Do not substitute or change the ingredients, they work. We call this one our surefire catfish bait because we’ve never gone fishing and gotten skunked while using it. Usually, we end up with a cooler full of fresh cats within a couple of hours.

Catfish are a freshwater (and often brackish-water) fish that easy to identify as they contain barbels (whiskers) around their mouths have smooth, scaleless skin and sharp defensive spines in the shoulder and dorsal fins.  They can range in size from 0.39 inches long to 10 feet, depending on the species.

Budget101 Surefire Catfish Bait Recipe

Cats are most often bottom-dwelling fish but will surface, particularly during the spring to munch on frogs and baby ducks and geese as they are omnivorous feeders.  These hefty fish typically have more than 100,000 tastebuds, not only in their mouths but all over their bodies as well.

To put that into perspective, the average human only has 10,000 tastebuds. Larger catfish can have up to 175,000 tastebuds! As bottom-dwellers loaded with tastebuds, they hunt by taste, not by sight.

That’s why this catfish bait works so great! The key to drawing them in is to get the right mixture of delicious scent in the water, with a tasty irresistible treat at the end of your hook!

It’s important to know that catfish can literally taste items up to 15 feet away without biting them.

This Above photo is my son with his 16 lb, 33-inch Catfish caught on this yummy Bait.

Liss Surefire Catfish Bait!

You’ll Need
* 1 1/2 c. Livers (Chicken, Deer, Cow, whatever you have)
* 1/4 c. Flour
* 2-3 T. Garlic Salt
* 1 Sardine and 2 T. Sardine Oil (from the can)
* 2 tsp Strawberry Jello Powder
* 1 egg

Quickly blend the liver in a blender until liquid, empty it into an empty, clean PLASTIC peanut butter jar and then add the remaining ingredients. Stir well until thickened and fully mixed. I usually use a paint stick to stir this and then toss it out afterward! Cover tightly.

DO NOT Open INDOORS, you have been warned! Let it sit for at least 48 hours.

Do Not Refrigerate, the more it rots, the better it works; it is, after all, STINK Bait.

just a note Liss Notes:

** This bait can be used either as a dip bait Or a Rolled bait. If you want to roll balls, I suggest increasing the flour until its the correct consistency.

As a dip bait, this works great on chunks of liver, pieces of household sponge soaked in the bait, cheap brand of marshmallows, or catfish lures.

If the dip is too thin, cool the bait down. If it’s too thick, add sardine oil 1 tablespoon at a time, stirring well.

Other things that work: Tomato Horn Worms – these are pests from the garden!

When Deepwater fishing, the hornworms work excellent. When bank fishing- the Stink bait is key.


Enjoy your Catch

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