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MYO Swiffer-Type Cloths

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DIY Swiffer-Type Cloths for the Budget-Savvy and Scent-Lovers

Ah, the Swiffer WetJet. A modern marvel for clean floors… and empty wallets. Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean floor as much as the next person, but why does keeping my house dust-free have to come with a price tag that makes me want to throw dirt on the floor and call it a day?

Luckily for you (and my sanity), I’ve got a budget-friendly, nostril-pleasing solution that won’t have you weeping when you see your bank statement.

homemade mop head swiffer style

The Secret’s Out: Homemade Baby Wipe Swiffers

First off, if you’ve been tossing out your cash on Swiffer Wets, pause. Did you know those disposable wonders can be mimicked with something as simple as homemade baby wipes?

Yes, those gentle, baby-bum cleaners are about to become your floor’s best friend. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, and voila, you’re practically walking in a field of lavender while you clean. Or lemon groves, if that’s more your vibe.

For the Hardwood Floor Connoisseurs

Now, for my folks with hardwood floors who are silently screaming, “What about us?”—don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Get yourself some baby flannel (because softness is key) and cut it a tad larger than those pricey store-bought pads.

Grab your pinking shears and zig-zag around the edges to stop any pesky unraveling. Not only do these bad boys clean like a dream, but they’re also reusable, making Mother Earth and your wallet heave a sigh of relief.

young boys helping mop the floors

The Humble T-Shirt Turned Hero

Dig into the depths of your dresser, and you’re bound to find it—The T-Shirt Graveyard. You know, the place where all your old concert tees and event shirts go to retire. But here’s a plot twist: they’re not dead yet.

In fact, they’re about to become the unsung heroes of your cleaning routine. Cut them into appropriate sizes, and you’ve got yourself an army of Swiffer cloths. Bonus points for upcycling and giving those shirts a second life. Who knew your “I Survived the 90s” tee had more fight left in it?

The Sock Puppet’s Encore

Before you toss that lone sock whose partner got lost in the shadowy realms of the dryer, consider this—could it have a glamorous second act as a floor cleaner?

Slide a lonely sock over your Swiffer, and marvel as it snatches up dust and dirt with the enthusiasm of a puppy at dinnertime. It’s a solo performance worth cheering for, and proof that sometimes, it’s okay to be left behind.

Microfiber Madness

For those of you who crave a touch of professionalism in your DIY cleaning arsenal, microfiber cloths are your best bet. Not only do they grab onto particles like they’re hoarding treasure, but they’re also washable and reusable, making them kinder to both the environment and your wallet.

Consider it the VIP section of your cleaning toolkit—effective, efficient, and, unlike actual VIP sections, totally affordable.

When these first came out, it was hard to find reusable, washable floor mop pads that fit the Swiffer mop. Nowadays, they’re readily available and fairly inexpensive.

make your own swiffer type cloths

Homemade Swiffer Solution aka The Magic Potion

Refilling your Swiffer? Forget buying that expensive solution.

Mix warm water, a half teaspoon of Dawn dish soap, and a quarter cup of white vinegar. This concoction will have your floors looking so sparkly, Cinderella would be jealous.

The Essential Oil Finishing Touch

Now, we all want our homes to not only look clean but smell divine too. This is where your favorite essential oils come into play. A drop or two on your makeshift Swiffer cloth, and you’re not just cleaning; you’re aromatherapizing your space.

It’s like a spa day, but for your floors—and who doesn’t love a multi-sensory cleaning experience? Personally, I prefer to use Thieves oil, it’s antibacterial and makes the entire house smell divine.

Why Bother?

Now, you might be wondering, “Why go through all this trouble?” Well, dear reader, aside from the obvious joy of not having to sell a kidney to afford floor cleaner, there’s something incredibly satisfying about making do with what you’ve got.

It’s like telling the world, “Yes, I am that savvy.” Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of their house smelling like a spa for the price of a cup of coffee?

In a nutshell, if you’re tired of spending a fortune on keeping your floors clean and longing for your home to smell like heaven on earth, give these DIY Swiffer-type cloths a whirl.

Your floors will thank you, your nose will thank you, and your bank account will most definitely thank you. Happy cleaning!

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