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Cockroach Control

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This simple cockroach control recipe is perfect for sprinkling behind appliances (such as the refrigerator or stove where roaches tend to congregate), under sinks or places where moisture tends to be prevalent, as well as placed in small dishes and left in areas where roaches have been visible.

Cockroach Control Recipe

You’ll Need:
4 parts borax (found in the laundry detergent aisle)
2 parts all-purpose flour
1 part cocoa powder

Combine all of the ingredients together and place in a jar with a sprinkle top, apply liberally to areas where roaches frequent.

As with all Pesticides, Keep away from Pets and Children.

DIY Non-Toxic Roach Spray

I discovered this highly effective DIY non-toxic roach spray quite by accident. After switching over propane hoses on our grill I used a bottle of soapy water to test the lines to look for bubbles (signifying a potential gas leak). A cockroach (aka Palmetto bug) scurried from under the grill and I quickly doused it with the diluted spray. It was dead momentarily.

An inexpensive, effective, and safe insecticide for killing roaches (especially those huge “water bug” roaches we have in the South) is water mixed with just a little liquid dish soap.

Shake the bottle, allowing the water to get little foamy, then spray the roaches liberally. Of course, they will run, scramble, and try to escape, but they will die. Soap suffocates them faster than any chemicals.
diy non toxic roach spray

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