Budget101.com Guide to Groceries under $300 a Month 2022

The Budget101.com Guide to Groceries under $300 a Month- a complete, definitive guide to getting control of your grocery spending, understanding manipulative marketing by retailers and simple tricks to save thousands per year on groceries.

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Introduction by Liss

A little over twenty years ago, several lively ladies, with whom I chatted with daily online, convinced me that I should start a website and share my recipes with the world. These ladies, like myself, were seeking flavorful yet dirt cheap recipes that would feed their families without breaking their limited budgets.

At the time of its creation, our entire household income for our family of four was under $20,000 a year. Like most families, we had a mortgage, a car payment and plenty of not-so-friendly bill collectors hounding us on a daily basis.

I was a stay at home mom with an infant and a toddler while my hard-working husband struggled to keep his small business afloat in an economy that wasn’t exactly small-business friendly.

Following a harrowing review of our household budget which included the mortgage, car payment, vehicle insurance, house insurance, telephone, utilities, garbage removal, groceries, and dial-up internet service, it occurred to me that the only thing I really had any control over was our food expense.

I quickly realized that if I could find ways to cut our grocery bill, I could save the money that we’d been spending each month and apply it to our overdue bills, without my husband even realizing it. Slowly but surely, I had found a way to dig us out of debt. More than that, I had found a way to help other families in the same situation get control of their household finances as well.

I released an eBook, “How to feed a family of 4 for under $200 a month”. While many of the items included in our original eBook still apply today, there have been a number of changes over the past two decades!

As such, here is the Budget101™ 2022 4-week e-course guide to groceries under $300 a month, which will delve into strategies for saving on groceries, avoiding the dirty tricks retailers play to get you to spend more money without your consent, as well as grocery budgeting tips-n-tricks to help get you started on your way!

Oh, & did I mention, it’s 100% FREE! Our goal is to help as many families as possible gain control of their finances and get ahead, so we’re not charging a single penny. All I ask is if you enjoy our posts, recipes, and articles, please share them with your friends and family to help spread the word. Thank you!

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