Halloween Costume Submission

Halloween is Over, but you probably got some great photos of awesome costumes!

Share your homemade Halloween costume and accessory ideas with others , if you’re one of the *first 50 to Enter you’ll automatically receive an *Amazon Gift Card!

Please Note: ALL Entries that Include a Photo and Complete Directions for making the costume, and Mailing address will receive a gift in the mail, regardless of whether you’re one of the first 50 or not!

(See below form for Complete Guidelines)

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july 2nd national anisette day

July 2nd: National Anisette Day

July 2nd is National Anisette Day- if you’re not familiar with Anisette, it’s a sweet, colorless anise-flavored liqueur that is frequently consumed in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. Originally, anisette was created as a lighter replacement for it’s considerably more potent counterpart, absinthe. Here’s a recipe for making your own Anisette Liqueur as well as a non-alcoholic Italian Anisette Cookie recipe to celebrate . . .

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july 1st national gingersnap day

July 1st: National Gingersnap Day

July 1st offers a couple different “National” food holidays- It’s National Gingersnap Day! Ginger snaps are relatively low in calories and the delicious ginger within them can offer numerous health benefits which include anti-inflammatory properties, help treat nausea, fight heart disease and more. Here are several tasty recipes for gingersnap cookies to help you celebrate . . .

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