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How to Make Large Camellia Paper Roses: A Step by Step Tutorial

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How to Make Large Camellia Paper Roses: A Step by Step Tutorial

Learning how to make paper roses has turned into quite the trending craft over the past couple of years. I am always in my studio designing new flowers but especially love when I nail a new rose design!


Today I am excited to share my brand new Camellia paper rose tutorial with you and gift you a free template! There are both hand cutting and machine cutting options included in the download – so whether you prefer to use scissors or your favorite cutting machine I’ve got you covered!

This paper rose will measures about 12 inches across in the tutorial I am showing below. You can also make the extra-large version as well, which will measure 17 inches once made. If you are planning a large backdrop mixing the two sizes will create a lovely effect!

Machine cutters: I include the machine petal measurements below for you to plug in to create the large and extra-large Cami rose.

Hand cutters: If you are hand cutting I have pre-sized PDFs for the large and extra-large too.
When making the extra-large just know that the steps from this tutorial will apply, you will just be adding an extra-large petal to the base first to expand the flower.

Let’s review our supply list to get started on this free large paper rose template design!


• Glue Gun
65-pound cardstock
• Scissors and/or cutting machine (Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine)
• Thin wooden dowel for rolling
• Templates (download at the end of the post)
• Patience – Paper roses, in general, are more advanced and I would say Cami rose definitely will require a little practice if you are new to paper flowers.
• You can always view my full tried and true supply list here!

You will use only 2 petal sizes for the large Cami rose. Cut the following number of petals

• Medium petal – 28
• Large petal – 8
• 1 8-sided Perfect Base

Machine measurements:

• Medium petal – 4.1 x 4.1 inches
• Large petal – 5.3 x 5.3 inches
• Extra-large petal – 6.9 x 6.9 inches (for making the extra-large Cami rose)

Number of petals to cut for extra-large Cami rose

• Medium petal – 28
• Large petal – 8
• Extra-large petals – 8 (if you want to go really fluffy and big add an additional layer of 8 extra-large petals.)
• 1 8-sided Perfect Base

Camellia Paper Rose Part 1 – Center

Step 1
To build the paper rose center, use 20 of the medium petals. Overlap by gluing 2 of the center petals together as in picture 1.

Step 2

Fold them up and secure with glue by wrapping around each other- as if they were hugging each other.

Step 3
Overlap 2 more petals with glue. Then glue the first center bud onto the next set of connected petals. Repeat the process of wrapping the petals up and around the rosebud, securing with glue.


Step 4
You will continue to repeat this process, but adding 1 petal at a time to each side as you go.


Step 5
Repeat again with 2 more petals. When adding a petal on, aim to add the petal to the side that has the 2 seams, as shown in the image to the top left.


Step 6
Add 4 more center petals – 2 on each side of the rose center. Leave a little more space when you glue these petals up by adding the glue at the base as shown in the image to the left above.


Repeat with the last 4 petals to complete the center. You should have used 20 of your medium petals in the center. If you feel a different number looks better for you that is fine too.

Cami Paper Rose Part 2 – Base

Step 7
Cut about 1 1/2 inch slits at the bottom of the 8 remaining medium petals and the 8 large petals.


Step 8
Add glue along the slit and overlap.


To review: At this point, you should have 20 medium petals in your Cami rose center, 8 medium petals cut with slits and overlapped with glue, and finally 8 large petals with slits cut at the bottom and overlapped with glue as well, plus 1 8-sided Petal Perfect base cut out.

Step 9
Using your 8 sided base, start gluing each of the 8 large petals on – one on each side of the base. You should have 8 large petals on your 8-sided base.


Step 10
Next, we are adding in the 8 remaining medium petals. Add each of these petals in between the 1st layer of large petals so that they alternate.

Step 11
Finally, glue in your Cami rose center!

This large paper Camellia rose tutorial is perfect to decorate at your next party, wedding, shower or even a nursery. How would you use these trendy paper roses? Tell us below in the comments!


Download your free large paper rose template here. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. DO NOT RE-SHARE OR RESELL MY DESIGN WITHOUT PERMISSION. DESIGNS ARE COPYRIGHTED. Thank you for respecting my work.


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  1. I love this post, thanks a lot 😉 This would be great for a bridal or baby shower and they’re really easy to make with the great templates you’ve provided.


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