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Finger Knit a Santa Beanie Hat Full Tutorial

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Recreate this super cute finger knit Santa beanie hat for the holidays! These adorable hats are so quick and easy to make and are wonderful handmade gifts for the holidays. To recreate this finger knit santa beanie hat you’ll need 2 skeins of super chunky wool yarn (100g). This yarn can be found at your favorite craft store such as Hobby Lobby, JoAnns fabric, Michaels, or even on Amazon.

How to Finger Knit a Santa Beanie Hat Tutorial

You’ll Need:
1 Red Super Chunky Wool (100g)
1 White Super Chunky Wool (100g)

1. Hold End of Wool against the side of your hand and wrap it in front of your middle finger.
2. Wrap it behind your ring finger and bring to the front of your pinky
3. Then wrap back through your fingers, weaving it. Repeat until you have 2 loops on each finger.
4. Now Pull the bottom loop up over top loop (over the end of your fingertip)
5. Repeat with all 4 fingers.
6. Gently Pull the string to tighten, straighten the “stitches” and repeat steps 2-5, tighten.

Repeat the steps over and over until you have knit a piece that is long enough to wrap around the head of the person whose going to be wearing the hat!

Connecting the Ends

Measure your Head by wrapping the knitting around it, you’ll want it to be a little loose, not tight.

1. The back of the knitting has a ridge, bring the ends together forming a circle with the ridge facing IN.
2. Link your pinky finger into the loops at the end, so there are 3 loops over your pinky now.
3. Continue Knitting just as you did before, but when you reach the pinky, fold all 3 loops over the top loop. Tighten, straighten.
4. Next, your going to hook into each loop across the top, all the way around the hat, picking up one loop, then continue knitting all the way around.

Cast off your fingers by hooking a pencil through the loops and carefully removing your fingers from them, keep the loops tight by pulling the string.

Now tie the red wool to the end of white wool & trim the ends.

Starting with your index finger, hook it back into the first loop, repeat until all the loops are back on all 4 fingers. Resume knitting, But this time, don’t pick up the first loop, go directly to the second.

Add Height:

Hook your finger into the 1st red loop and knit a row all the way around. This will hide the extra “layer” of white from merging the two colors.

Now find the first loop on the TOP row, hooking into it, begin knitting again. Repeat until the entire row is finished and you’re back to the starting point.

Repeat to create Rows 2 thru 5.

Decrease Height to form the top

Find the first 2 loops and hook them with your pinky, knit, tighten, straighten and continue to complete the row.

Pick up 1 loop, knit as usual, then pick up 2 loops, then complete the row.

Repeat until the top is tight, when you get to the top, pick up 2 loops at once.

Cast off the wool from your index finger to your middle finger, knit to your ring finger, cast off, knit to your pinky.

Add a Pom-Pom.

Here is a step by step video tutorial from Bean Creative


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