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Hanging Witch Plastic Bag Holder

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If you’re looking for a creative way to keep plastic bags nearby and handy, look no further than this adorable hanging witch plastic bag holder!

To guests, she’s just part of our Halloween decor, but to our family, she’s a treasure trove of handy reusable plastic grocery bags, easy to reach, no searching and conveniently located.


Hanging Witch Plastic Bag Holder Directions

Recreating this adorable hanging witch bag holder is actually pretty easy. She was based off the McCalls’s Crafts hanging bear pattern.
Get the Pattern Here


Follow the directions “C”, the bear body, but use a candy corn or halloween print fabric.

Since the pattern didn’t offer a “Witch” version, here are a few changes.

Cut out two large circles out of muslin fabric, to make her face, sew it around the edges, leaving a small gap to turn it inside out and add a bit of stuffing for the 3D effect.

Turn it inside out, draw her face on with a permanent sharpie, fill it with poly-fil stuffing and then sew the small hole shut with matching thread.


Place 2 pieces of black felt together and cut out a witch hat shape, then sew the edges, turn it right side out and fill with poly-fil stuffing.

To create the broomstick she’s hanging from, cut natural colored raffia into 6 inch pieces, run a bead of hot-glue around the end of a dowel, attach the raffia to create a broomstick, then wrap the top with a bit of jute to hide the glued area.

To recreate her adorable curly hair, wrap strands of raffia around a pencil, which will form adorable curls that can be attached by sewing into her hat or gluing, depending on your preference.

When creating the feet, rather than following the pattern, deviate just a little bit and be sure to add a point to her shoes! To give them a patched look, attach 2 small squares of patterned fabric, slightly overlapping and use white thread to add a stitch in each corner.

We adhered ours on with hot glue first, then added the stitching for effect. Attach a small raffia bow to each shoe.

Once your witch has been put together, fluff her up by filling her with plastic bags!

The pattern can be reused and altered simply by changing the face, for example, we also have an adorable Santa Claus that we display throughout the winter months.

We’d love to see how YOUR WITCHY BAG HOLDERS come out, feel free to drop photos in the comments below!

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