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Dress Up with Button Flowers

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Button flowers are quickly becoming a popular craft for all ages. Straightforward to make, these budget-friendly blooming flower buttons can be used to decorate a large variety of settings. You can use them for the centerpieces of a wedding table, decor for a themed room, holiday decor, or personalize them for a special someone.

Dress Up with Button Flowers

I learned how to make button flowers while substitute teaching an art class. Miss Claire had to leave for a family situation and I was called in to cover for her. She came up to me, explained quickly how to make them and pointed me to a giant box of buttons before promptly rushing out of the room leaving me holding the attendance sheet.

I spent the entire day showing classrooms full of students how to make them. I had students that would weave them together into bouquets, bracelets, crowns, pins and pretty much anything you can think off. The students had an absolute blast putting these things together and it was one of my most memorable experiences to date.

I have been back to that school several times since that day and throughout the school, I still see these flowers wrapped around backpacks, decorated flower button pens in the library and main office, and flower button buds taped to teachers computers. It is one craft that everyone can make, right up there with the cootie-catchers, and triangle paper footballs!

Dress Up Houseplants

Some houseplants, such as Ivy don’t have flowers at all, and others bloom on rare occasions.  Add a splash of color to a houseplant, or add some flower buttons to a personalized planter to give as a gift to someone special!

Dress Up with Button Flowers
Photograph by Doug Merriam
Houseplants Flower Button Decor
Via Town & Country Living- View More


It might seem obvious that button flowers could be used to create inexpensive wedding bouquets in lieu of live flowers. However, flower buttons aren’t limited to the bride and wedding table, the groomsman can enjoy them too! Create custom cufflinks and tie tacks in your wedding colors.

Flower Button Cufflinks
Source: RBKcreations
Flower Button Tie Tacks
Source: RBKcreations

The stylish buttons can be used to adorn boutonnieres for weddings and proms too!

Flower Button boutonniere
Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Vase or Vessel

Due to the versatility of the flower buttons, nearly any container can become the perfect vessel for displaying them. Salt shaker arrangements work well for desktops, mantels, and windowsills.

Dragonfly Salt Shaker Flower Buttons
Source: Dragonfly Gypsy

Watering cans or repurposed tin cans that have been sprayed with aging effect paint, and tall Vases work well for larger rooms.

Dress Up with Button Flowers
Source: Ebay

Flower buttons can be incorporated into decorative wreaths and wall hangings too! You don’t have to stick with resin buttons, they can be made with clay, scrapbook paper, burlap and so much more.  Here’s an example of a bright decorative wall hanging created by Celia Barbieri, aka The Button Florist.

Flower Button Wall Hanging
Source: Celia Barbieri

Memorial Wreaths

Button flowers can even be incorporated into Memorial wreaths for loved ones who have passed.

Flower Button Memorial

Gather Your Materials

You do not need a lot of materials to create button flowers. Chances are if you do a lot of handmade crafts you already have the materials needed. Buttons in various sizes and a wire material are the basics for button flowers, however, you can add tiny decorative beads and felt or fabric flowers and many other things to make your button flowers unique.

If you want to create flower button buds, it may even be easier to use a hot glue gun for some of your flowers. Stack the buttons up and glue them to homemade cards, wreaths, albums, school folders, and name tags. Anything in your home that you think could use a flower on it.

Dress Up with Button Flowers
Source: KidsCraftroom

I recently visited My grandmother in California and she loves butterflies. Her love of butterflies gave me the inspiration to use special beads that look like butterflies. I even found ladybugs and bees and they make for the cutest tops to the flowers. The only thing that will limit you for this craft is your imagination.

The Price is Right

The best part of making homemade crafts is the fun and creativity of making your craft. The worst part of crafting (usually!) is trying to hunt down materials that won’t cost you megabucks. That’s why flower buttons are so great.  On average, flower buttons shouldn’t cost more than 10-15 cents per flower for supplies.

Make a few of them and you will quickly find yourself becoming a pro. I hope everyone enjoys making these as much as I did. Be creative and check out how to make them, and if you have our own unique button flower share it in the comments.

We would love to see them!

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