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Blooming Flower Buttons

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Flower buttons, also known as blooming buttons are cute as a button, (pardon the pun) and so incredibly easy to make. They add a splash of color to the decor throughout the house and in succulent houseplants that might otherwise appear a bit drab.

How to Make Flower Buttons

You’ll be amazed at how absolutely simple these blooming flower buttons are to put together in just a couple minutes, soon you’ll be decorating the whole house with them! They make lovely “floral” arrangements for gifts. We’ve provided step by step directions to creating flowerbuttons as well as two different short videos so you can easily see how to put them together.

Supplies Needed:

Buttons of various sizes and colors
Wire Cutters
20 gauge Floral Wire or Pipe Cleaners (if you’d prefer colored stems!)
Pony Beads (or other small beads for the centers of each flower)

Flower Button Tutorial

Step 1: Collect your Buttons

Gather your buttons and begin stacking them to create your flowers the way you’d like them to appear, with the largest button on the bottom and the smallest button on top. You’ll want to use 3-4 buttons per flower.

Step 2:  Prepare the Stem

The flower stem is simply a piece of floral wire or pipe cleaner. Floral wire comes in white, green and silver; while pipe cleaners come in a variety of colors. Measure and cut a 14″ piece of wire and fold it in half. The fold is going to be the top of the flower.

Since the floral wire is folded in half, you’ll need to double the length to get the size stem you want. For a 5″ stem you’ll need a 10″ piece of wire, for a 6″ stem you’ll need 12″ of wire, etc.

Step 3: Threading the Buttons

To create a tiny center, you can thread a pony bead or other small bead on the wire. Then slide the smallest button onto both ends of the wire. If the button has 4 holes in it, thread the button holes diagonally in order to properly center the button.

Step 4: Twist and Repeat

Once the button is threaded on, pull the wire tightly to secure the button in place and repeat until each button has been placed. Then twist the wire until all the way to the bottom.

Step 5: Trim the Wire

Trim the stem, using wire cutters to the final length you desire. If you’d like you can wrap the wire with floral tape, but this is just a personal preference for some and not necessary.

How to Make a Button Bouquet

How to make a button bouquet

A Slightly Different Method of Making Flower Buttons- The “J Method”

This one shows a slightly different method of creating the flower buttons, rather than threading each button up the entire shaft of the wire, you create a J shape on one end. It’s great for small or short-stemmed flowers.

How to Make Button Flowers | Sophie's World

Get Creative!

Now that you know how to create flower buttons, here are a few fun ways to display or use them, such as this gorgeous Bridal bouquet:

Blooming Buttons
Periwinkle & Daisy Button Bouquet (Click photo for More)

This one would make a lovely gift for a teacher or grandparent!

Blooming Flower Button Bouquet for Teachers
Add Felt for even more color!

Create a holiday or theme inspired centerpieces or mantel displays, such as this lovely Autumn Button Bouquet.

Autumn Flower Button Bouquet
Or Simply Order one from WhimsicalLee

Another bouquet idea where young students worked with parents and their teachers to create a cluster of beautiful flowers.

flower buttons
Each bunch of flowers, such as Ge Sang flower, five petals flower, sunflower, and carnation, showed the teachers’ passion for both their work and life.

We’d love to see your creative flowerbuttons as well, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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