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MYO Curvy Box Gift Container

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Curvy boxes are easily adaptable for any holiday or theme just by altering the colors- here’s how to put together your own adorable curvy boxes as well as ideas on inexpensive items to fill them with for a gift anyone will adore!

You’ll Need:
Free Printable Template Largeor Small
Scrapbook Paper (Cardstock Quality)
Plain Cardstock Paper
Xacto Craft Knife
Hot Glue/adhesive

A note about the scrapbook paper… these are frequently available in books that are on sale at various stores such as Walmart, Target, Michaels, JoAnns, etc for as little as $5 each. If you purchase them in the off season you can get them for as little as $2 a book! These come in handy year round for making gorgeous gifts without having to spend a lot of money on ink for the printer. You’ll want the heavier weight paper if you plan on filling the boxes with mixes, as they can get heavy!

Print out the template on a piece of plain white cardstock. There are currently two different sized boxes available.

Cut out the template and then carefully place it on the backside of the scrapbook paper color you’ve chosen. Trace it out and then cut out the pieces needed to make your curvy box.


Using a craft knife carefully cut out the hand and the slits for the box.

If you’re making a smaller box, you’ll only have 2 pieces to work with. However, if you’re making a larger box, you’ll be using 4 pieces in all. The easiest way to remember which order the piece go in to show that the matching pieces are always opposite one another, like this:


Carefully glue the square bottom pieces together.


Fold them up gently and slip the handles through the slit, creating your curvy box.

The Small Curvy box will hold a mix size of approximately 1 cup.
The Large Curvy Box will hold a mix size of approximate 1 1/2 cups.

For the Curvy Santa Box:
Make a Curvy box using plain red or sparkling red scrapbook paper. Cut a piece of sparkling black foam for the belt and add a sparkly belt buckle. Use a hole-punch to make “buttons” for the jacket. Here we used self adhesive foam.

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