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Cutting Corners

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As kids we were always told not to “cut-corners”, but here’s a do it yourself re-purposing tip for junk mail where cutting corners is a Good thing!

Junk mail never seems to slow down and one day the cutest envelope came across my work desk and I thought “what a shame to throw that out”. Turns out, I didn’t have to, all I had to do was cut corners and that’s all you need to do too!

You’ll Need:

Envelopes (use junk mail envelopes)

All four corners of the envelope can be used, just seal the envelope shut prior to cutting.


Take an envelope, place a ruler on the corner. You want about 3″ for a typical book size.


Draw a pencil line across and using whatever scissors you like, cut off the corner. Here we used pinking shears. Use scrapbook scissors for unique designs. Draw, write or decorate the bookmark as desired.


Create several different ones such as:

  • I Love this!
  • You Fell Asleep Here
  • Homework Reminder:
  • Make This Recipe Next
  • Saved Your Spot!
  • Use them to mark this weeks Menu Plan recipes in your favorite cookbooks, Monday’s Dinner Recipe, Tuesday’s Dinner Recipe, Etc
  • Use them To Mark items you wish to back to when reading magazines

If they accidentally get thrown out, you’re not out anything but a minute and a half of your time.

Do you have a repurposed use for Junk Mail?

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