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How to Use the Entire Jar Candle

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STOP! Don’t throw it away! You don’t have to lose that last bit of your favorite, and more often than not, expensive jar candle just because the wick is gone! You can use the end of the candle to make your own wax tarts for your wax warmer.

Using a wax warmer and tarts has loads of advantages, too. For instance, the smell given off by the wax is usually stronger and lasts longer. The safety factor is a huge advantage – Electric wax warmers are safer than candles with their open flames for obvious reasons. It seems to be easier to clean wax warmers than most candleholders and votive cups, even if you do put them in the freezer to make the wax just pop out. Electric wax warmers generally require less space and open operating area than candles with open flames.

Wax tarts are very easy to make, and they make great gifts, and what you basically end up with is a FREEBIE product.

Candle wax is highly flammable. Use only low heat for this project. DO NOT leave unattended for ANY reason while heat source is in use.

Supplies and Equipment

Old candles in glass containers
Small Saucepot
1 Chopstick or Skewer
Sheet Pan
Wax Paper
Plastic Ice Trays, Molds, etc.
Old Pot Holder(s)


Place the dishrag in the bottom of the pot. Fill the pot about half way with water. Put on the stove over low heat to begin warming the water. (The dishrag prevents the jar from rocking and bursting.

Carefully add the jarred candle, tilting jar to let air escape from under jar, to the hot water. Tilting the jar helps reduce the chance of pressure building under the jar causing the hot water to boil over or the jar to break.


Use the chopstick carefully to scrape down the sides of the jar, if necessary, and stir the wax often and slowly to prevent any sloshing of wax and burns.


While waiting for wax to completely melt, prepare the sheet pan by covering with wax paper and placing the ice tray on top in the center.


Carefully remove the jar from the water when the wax is melted. The JAR will be HOT! Holding the jar with a potholder, slowly pour the melted wax into the ice tray or mold. Set aside and let cool completely.

Set time will vary depending on wax temperature and room temperature. I DO NOT recommend you put these in your refrigerator or freezer to speed up the curing process. Some wax scents may have more pungent aromas than others and may be absorbed by foods, drinks, ice, etc.


When tarts are completely set, simply pop out onto the wax paper lined baking sheet. Separate like scents together and keep in airtight containers or zip top bags and label well. Store in a dark, cool place until ready to use. Again, I DO NOT recommend you put these in your refrigerator or freezer due to absorption by foods, drinks, ice, etc.


The entire process, up to pouring and letting set, took less than 10 minutes.

Thoroughly wash and use the jar to pour your own candle, as storage, or for your next craft project.

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7 thoughts on “How to Use the Entire Jar Candle”

    • What do you use wax tarts for?

      wax tarts are used in a wax tart warmer, some of which are heated by tea light candles, but most are gently heated using a small light bulb (like a nightlight bulb).

      the tart sits in the shallow dish part of the warmer and is heated from the bottom allowing the tart to give off the smell of the candle, but usually without the danger of an open flame (like a candle).

      here is a picture of my warmer:

    • I have done this for years but have never thought of putting them in ice trays. Brilliant

      Cindybear319 – Thank you for the compliment, but I can promise you that brilliance is nowhere near my brain…lol! :lalala:


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