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Hot Glue Tiaras and Crowns

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Dreams of living in a castle and defending it from intruders fill the minds of little princes and princesses everywhere. There are books, tales, and movies that tell of such dreams; there are several theme parks about them, too! All little princes and princesses deserve to wear a crown, so I’m going to show you how to make that part of the dream come true. hot-glue-tiaras-and-crowns
Please keep safety in mind – DO NOT allow children use hot glue guns. If children wish to make their own, let them use child safe non-toxic glue or glitter glue.

Template – Create your own or download the two available here.
Wax Paper
Sheet pan
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Ribbon, String, etc. – Two lengths approximately 6” long each.

Optional Decoration Items
Glitter (optional) – Lots of sparkle and shine.
Glitter Glue (optional) – If using, remember it will take considerably longer for your project to dry.
Plastic Gems (optional) – If using, the smaller and lighter, the better. Also keep low on crown.
Sequins (optional) – Lots of sparkle and shine. Great alternative to plastic gems. Weightless and can be placed anywhere on crown.


Plug in your hot glue gun and let it heat up while you gather supplies.

Download the Tiara Template Hereor Crown template here.

Tape the template to the inside of the sheet pan to prevent it from moving around (My printer had goals to do everything but print, so I had to hand draw the template I used).


Cut the wax paper to size. Lay it over the template in the sheet pan and tape it to the pan prevent it from moving around. You do not want to tape it to the template so tearing will not be an issue later in the process.


Begin tracing the template with the hot glue. Once you have an area done, decorate as desired while the glue is still hot. If the glue cools too quickly, gently run the hot tip of the glue gun over the glue and immediately add your decoration.


Continue the process above until the entire template is covered, being sure to fill in all black areas of the template with glue. Filling in the dark areas of the template is for reinforcement purposes.


After a minute or two, gently raise the wax paper to disperse some of the loose glue from the project. Do not hold the project at an angle for too long.


Replace the wax paper with the glue project back in the pan. Let set and cool completely, at least 5 minutes.


Pick up wax paper, flip over, and gently tap over the template in the pan to remove the excess and identify any loose decorations.


Remove wax paper slowly from edges of crown.


Wax paper may stay in center areas (like mine did). This is actually good. It will help reinforce the crown.


Carefully open the hole at either side with scissors (or a knife) if necessary.


Tie ribbons through holes at both ends of crown, then tie onto your prince or princess.


NOTE: A great project to create for the next birthday party, sleep over, or Halloween costume. Make miniatures and use as package ties and ornaments.

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    • Great idea. i will need to try it for my little granddaughters.

      LouiseMarie – I hope you and your granddaughters enjoy doing this project together. Please post pictures.

      I’d love to see your final outcome.


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