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MYO Bed Time Pocket

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MYO Totally Quick and Easy Bed-Time Pocket! How many times have you been in bed and thought, “I wish I had a pocket somewhere here”! You can easily make a bed-time pocket and actually take it with you anywhere you spent the night.
I love these and use them all the time. They are great for adults and kids alike and work wonderfully for traveling too!

There are a million and one reasons to have a bed-time pocket, but here are just a few. And you can have more than one at a time.
Have you stuck things under your pillow, only to find in the middle of the night, you are sleeping on them? How many times have you gone somewhere to spend the night and wish you could have a special spot for those personal items? A Bed-time pocket is perfect for those of you who listen to music at night and need a place close by and easy reach for your player, and earphones.

These instant pockets work great for kid’s books and small toys, tissues, etc.

It is perfect if you’re not feeling well and you need items at an easy reach. It is a perfect spot for those tissues, breath mints, or anything else that clutters your nightstand. Here is an easy solution to that.

You’ll Need:
a pot holder w/pocket
A Large Button
an Elastic band or elastic hair tie

Find a pot holder with a good size pocket, and you need the loop to be in the “middle” of the top. You will want to buy a good-sized holder, or oversized, this one is approximately 8.5 x 9.5 and comes in a two pack. It is very soft cotton, so it is not stiff, it has just enough padding to protect your items, and give it a pocket feel. The larger size will easily hold your tablet, reader, or cell phone, and personal items, etc. It can easily be thrown into the washer.


You can decorate these any way you want or not at all. They can be dyed, stenciled, you can needlepoint them, paint them, use iron-on, use fabric markers, and the possibilities are endless. This is just a simple decoration. A crochet flower held on with a button.


If you don’t want to take the time to decorate one, you could also use a potholder that already has a pretty design.

How to Attach the Pocket

Next, you will need a way to attach your Bed-Time Pocket.

This is super duper easy. All you need is a large round, somewhat flat object, to make a button, as well as an elastic band of some sort. A large button works really great because it has a little thickness to it. Don’t worry what it looks like because you won’t see it, you can use a washer, I have used old debit cards, cut in half and trim into a circle. Even a thin, flat rock will work. Alternatively, you could use a piece of cardboard cut into a circle. To stiffen it or to thicken it cut out 2 of the same size circles and glue them together.

For the elastic band, I like the ponytail elastics because they are very strong and inexpensive.

All you need to do is decide where you want your pocket and slip whatever you have for the round object, under the sheet or bottom part of the pillowcase and wrap the elastic around it tightly. This makes a removable button, now just hang your bed-time pocket on the button you just made.

Sometimes I hang mine on the pillowcase and sometimes on the bottom sheet on the side of the mattress, you will want your button near the top of the bed, not down the side, which will make it difficult to reach easily.

You can also just hang it on the headboard with those removable hooks, such as 3M.

These come in handy at home and while traveling, are easy to assemble and don’t cause any damage.

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20 thoughts on “MYO Bed Time Pocket”

  1. great idea…my granddaughters ( ages 6 & 8 ) always have “stuff” they want with them when they go to bed…this is smthing we can make together easily 🙂

  2. i did this for my husbands phone and glasses. he was so excited to have things at hand and where they can’t be knocked off the night stand while blindly fumbling around in the dark. excellent idea!!

  3. this will be so useful when travelling. no groping in the dark in an unfamiliar room, and can also keep valuables close and safe.

  4. Wow, such ingenuity! I think this is an awesome idea, and I’ll be making several of these! More cute little Christmas gift ideas as we!


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