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MYO Stuffed Critter Jars

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These simple stuffed critter jar toppers can turn nearly any stuffed animal into an adorable gift in just a few minutes time! Here’s a simple step by step tutorial for making your own “Beary” Special jar gift!

You’ll Need:
A Mason jar & plastic Cap
a Teddy Bear or Stuffed Critter (medium sized about 6″-15″ tall)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Ribbon (optional)
Sharp Scissors

In this example we’re using an inexpensive dollar store teddy bear and he’s filled with candied cinnamon pecans. . . .

First and foremost, the most important step is putting the cap on the jar before you begin. Turn the jar to the side you like best, this will be the Front. At the bottom of the jar mark it with an “f”. On the cap at the front of the jar, mark it with an “f”. The reason you’re marking this now is because the cap of the jar will only fit 1 way. If you neglect to do this step, and skip ahead, you’ll end up with a backwards head on your jar! (Don’t ask me how I know!)


Next, and folks, this really IS the hard part… cut your stuffed critter in half.


Remove all of the stuffing from the lower half, except for the stuffing in the legs themselves and then set it aside. Remove the stuffing from the “Upper body” section of the bear (or toy) leaving the stuffing in the arms and head only.

Line up the “F” on the cap with the nose or front of the bear, add a dab of hot glue and attach the very front of the cap to the front body of the bear.


Continue hot gluing all around the cap, pulling it taught as you go so it’s not flopping around.


Now it’s time to slip the butt end onto the jar. This may take a little patience, depending on the size of the bear you’re working with. Gently tug the lower half of the bear body onto the jar, turning it so the belly lines up with the “F” that you marked on the jar. Remember, you don’t want your bear to look like the girl in the exorcist movie!

Add a dab of hot glue to secure the bear’s belly in place and then run a line of hot glue all the way around to secure it in place. Watch your fingers, most teddy bear fabric is thin and the hot glue may seep through. If your stuffed critter is Fuzzy, like ours, than you’ll have to be careful not to yank out it’s fur as you secure it. The glue will prevent the rest of the fuzzy fur from unraveling prematurely.

Now, you can fill your jar with anything you like, we recommend homemade cookie and bar mixes, only rather than layering them, it’s best to place them in baggies and slide them into the jar (for easier cleaning!). You could also add popcorn mixes, homemade candies, candied nuts, side dish mixes , convenience mixesand more! These adorable jars make great gift basket additions as well.


Create themed Gift baskets, such as snowman, Gingerbread, rustic Moose and more.


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10 thoughts on “MYO Stuffed Critter Jars”

    • What is a mason jar. What is the equivalent in Australia

      A Mason Jar is a preserving jar – usually in 500ml or 1 litre, but they may also be available in larger sizes …
      They have a screw on section that is missing a top – it secures a loose flat lid with a rubber base onto the jar. If you are preserving the loose flat lid will be sucked onto the top of the jar to make an air proof seal.
      Here in South Africa one of the brands we can buy is called “Consol Jar”
      Hope this helps

    • It’s a jar that is used to can with. I use them when I make Jams, Jellies and Preserves or Pickles with. They come in many sizes and most come with 2 piece lids that have a ring and a flat.

      The flat in placed inside the ring with the seal side down to sit on opening of jar. Your can also but the plastic one piece lids to use on jar after it is as been opened. I don’t know what they are called in Australia sorry.

    • A Mason Jar, is a canning jar. I have a hard time finding the plastic lids but found that some of the lids from many mayonnaise and peanut butter jars fit nicely.

      • A Mason Jar, is a canning jar. I have a hard time finding the plastic lids but found that some of the lids from many mayonnaise and peanut butter jars fit nicely.

        you can also get the lids right on amazon.


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