Fork Bow Tutorial

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MYO Teddy Bear Safe

Learn how to make a pretty bow using just a plain old fork! Once you see how easy these are to make, you’ll never buy bows again!
These work best with double-sided ribbon, but you can use any ribbon you like. A note about the fork- you can opt to use a regular-sized fork to make small bows, or a Serving fork (much like you’d use for serving a roast) to make larger bows.

You’ll Need
A Length of Ribbon
a short piece of ribbon
a Fork

Place the short ribbon in the center of the fork, weave the second length of ribbon around the fork at least 4 times. Carefully flip the fork over and tie the short ribbon. Remove the bow from the fork by gently sliding it off.

Fork Bow Tutorial

Then fluff each bow section. The end of a pencil works great to slip in between and fluff the pieces out.



That’s it! Were you expecting something more difficult? Now check out how to make a Safe out of a Teddy Bear!

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  1. this certainly sounds easy, i will try this. i think it would make a cute gift. you could put the gift inside the jar & then they could use it for a storage of their choosing.

    thanks for the idea.

    • I’m newbie and am enjoying all the different information I’m finding on your site.
      This bow idea is GREAT! I used to make bows at Christmas on one of those little plastic bow makers but, this looks much easier. Thanks so much!

  2. i’ve got to try this. i make christmas wreaths and have a hard time making bows. will use a large fork for larger bows.:springsmile:

  3. i tried ti the first time and it all fell off the fork. LOL so back to the drawing board and did it right the next time! how cute!

  4. I worked for a florist for 20-plus years and STILL have trouble making bows. This is a great idea, awesome tutorial, and I am excited to try it. Thank you!!

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