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MYO Teddy Bear Safe

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Convert your favorite Teddy Bear into a Safe to store your valuables undetected. This adorable safe can house your jewelry, money, USB Flash drives or even be filled with treats! This particular teddy safe cost less than $3 to make!
The size of the jar needed will be determined directly by the size of the Teddy Bear you’re using. These particular dollar store bears are about 8 inches high, so we opted to use a pint jar for this particular bear.

You’ll Need:
1 Teddy Bear (We got these bears from the Dollar Tree for $1 each)
1 pint size Mason Jar
1 Plastic Mason Jar Storage Lids
hot glue
Bow (optional)

While these are easy to make if you skip this first step, you might end up with a bear with its head on backwards, like my first one!

First, screw the plastic lid onto your mason jar. Turn the jar to determine which part of it you want to be the front. Mark the front of the Jar with a dot or an ‘F’ and then mark the cover with an ‘F’ . Failure to do this step will more than likely result in a cock-eyed head facing the wrong way.


Next, Cut the head off your teddy bear. This is actually the hardest part, It feels a little guilty and wrong to mangle a teddy bear, but it will be worth it, I promise. Remove all of the stuffing from the body of the bear, but not from its arms and legs. Gently pull the empty bear body over the bottom of the jar, turning the body so the belly is in the front (where you marked the “F”.


Add a Dot of Hot glue to the jar at the top to secure the “body in place. Do this all the way around the top. This serves 2 purposes, it will hold the body in place and it will prevent the “fur” from falling out out around the cut edge.

Next Line the marked plastic lid up with the front of the teddy bears face. Add a dot of glue to the F and attach the front of the neck to the lid, overlapping it completely so it won’t be visible. Hold it in place until dry (about 30 seconds), being careful not to burn your fingers! Finish securing the lid into the neck by gluing it all the way around.


Let it dry, screw on the head and attach a bow with a dab of hot glue to finish the bear.


Now that you know how to turn a teddy bear into a safe, learn how to make this cute bow using just a plain old kitchen fork!

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