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MYO Wine Glass Lamps

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Create elegant lamps using wineglasses and tea-lights! These sweet little lamps can be made to match any room in the house with ease, add charm to any place setting at the dining room table and can be changed in the blink of an eye with each season. Oh, and did we mention, they cost about $1.25 each? . . .

If you’re looking for a great gift idea, look no further. This simple craft makes a lovely last minute gift because it can be put together in about 10 minutes flat! The dollar store offers “Faux” tea lites – which are fake candles that flicker when they “burn” and are not a fire hazard in any way. They come 4-6 per package for only a dollar. The wineglasses will be $1 each. The scrap paper, well, lets just say we had a ton of it lying around and it was taking up too much space.

You’ll Need:
1 Wineglass (per lamp)
Scrap paper, drawings, tissue paper, etc
1 Tea-light candle or Faux tea light candle
1 Lampshade Template

Optional Items: Ribbon, lace edging, mini bows

Print out the free Template from our Downloads section here. Cut out the template, if you’d like scalloped edges on the bottom of your lampshade, cut out the triangles, otherwise, leave it smooth.


Place the template on the backside of your scrapbook paper and trace it with a pencil. You’ll want to use a pencil rather than a pen or marker so that it doesn’t bleed through your paper. Also, if you prefer a Firm lampshade you can glue the scrapbook paper to a piece of cardstock, or you can print a design on the cardstock and then cut that out.

Or you can make them like mine, just place the template on the backside of a piece of scrapbook paper, trace it and then cut it out. Glue the tab and slip it over the top of your wineglass. Place a tea light inside and light it.

There you have it, an instant Wine Glass Lamp!


If you’d like to get fancy you can glue lace at the top and bottom Before your form your lampshade.

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14 thoughts on “MYO Wine Glass Lamps”

  1. brilliant… in more ways than one! you and this project light up my life!

    i’m going to try to find wine glasses at thrift stores and yard sales at $.25 a glass or less. This will be fun. There are so many options in scrap book paper.

    Just want to enjoy the variety!

  2. i think i’ll try punching some holes around the edges and weaving some ribbon through it with a cute little bow. there are so many possibilities! i can’t wait to try these!:you_rock_emoticon:

  3. this would be a fun “candle lantern of the month” gift. start with the wine glass and one shade. then add one shade each month to go with they season, commemorate a special event, or coordinate with the receiver’s decoratingstyle .

  4. i love these. i have an big party soon and this would be great on the table. yes swap meets and second have stores for even a better price.
    thank you

  5. i just love this idea, excellent as a night light in the kids bedroom, or in a hallway to light the way to the bathroom.

  6. oh this is perfect for a table arrangement for my sons wedding. they are wanting something simple but elegant i think this could work. thanks for the share:jar:


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