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Frosty the Snowman Candy Jar Craft

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Create your own Frosty the snowman candy dish as a lovely winter accent for your home, or as a delightful, inexpensive, yet adorable gift idea.
You’ll Need:
1 Flower Pot
1 flower pot base
1 knob (They have these in the craft section of walmart/target) for .59 each
1 Round vase (bought it at the dollar store)
Spray Paint (Whatever colors you desire)
Buttons, Ribbon, various colors of paint for eyes, nose

Spray paint the flower pot whatever color you prefer, here, I painted the pot base white. Flip the base of the flower pot saucer over and spray paint or hand paint that as well. To give the effect of snow, mix 1 tsp of sand per 1 T. of paint. Apply by dabbing it with a paintbrush.

Let the pot dry (this varies depending on the brand of spray paint used). Ours took 30 minutes to cure. Attach the buttons with a dab of glue/

While the flower pot is drying, Paint the knob, which will become the candy jar handle, here I painted it white. Attach the knob to the saucer to make the “Top” of the candy jar.

To give the appearance of “Frosty” the snowman, spray paint the outside of the round vase with “Frost” spray. I found this spray in the paint department at walmart for $2 a can. It’s meant to “frost” bathroom windows. Let it dry 2-4 hours before painting the face.

Using a strong glue, attach the glass jar to the flower pot base. Let it dry completely and set overnight to cure.

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22 thoughts on “Frosty the Snowman Candy Jar Craft”

  1. what a cute idea!! love this!! i saw another version of this where they did the same thing, but painted it and used it as a gumball machine.

    you could leave the gumball machine out all year, but i love the idea of the snowman and mints for the holidays!

  2. nice idea for a massive craft marathon and make a bunch of these up for inexpensive gifts. i saw the gumball machine one too – very cute, but this will make a great christmas gift!

  3. this is adoreable! i am glad i found it as i was looking for an idea to give and am not very good at crafts. this is easy enough for me

    • It’s very cute. Exactly what kind of spray paint did you use?

      The cheap stuff from walmart, basic everyday spray paint, any brand will do.

  4. that is so darn cute! i wish that i had a creative brain!
    i could stay on the computer all day and look up craft ideas. it helps to get those creative juices flowing.

    anyone else agree?
    i am definitely going to try this one.

  5. Well, I can see I’ll be busy crafting for Christmas, as well as Thanksgiving and Halloween! Another adorable craft idea! I’m SO glad I found this site!

    • You said to use strong glue. What kind did you use? Super glue? Wheres the best place to get terra cotta pots? Love this idea.

      I use E6000 Craft Glue for just about ALL of my craft Projects. You can get terra cotta pots at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Paris Farmers Union or Tractor Supply (seasonally), walmart, craigslist, pottery shops (more expensive), etc.

      I buy my glue on Amazon.: E6000

      • I use E6000 Craft Glue for just about all of my craft projects.

        i buy my glue on amazon, it has free prime shipping: E6000 (free prime shipping)

        you can get the e6000 glue at Walmart, it comes in different colors so make sure you get the clear. I accidentally got black and had to go back to return it! Hope this helps, saves on shipping.



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