MYO Embossing Ink

Making your own Embossing Ink for your craft projects is relatively easy and inexpensive. Embossing ink is meant to be used with embossing powders to create a raised effect on paper or fabric.

Rit Powdered Clothes Dye (any color)
1/4 Teaspoon Alcohol
5 Tablespoons Glycerin

Carefully blend dye & alcohol until it’s the consistency of thin cream, starting with 1/2 tsp of p. dye and continue adding 1/8 tsp at a time until the consistency of a thin cream.
Add glycerin. Blend Well.
Pour homemade ink over stamp pad or a fine grain foam-rubber pad. Spread the ink evenly with a brush, popsicle stick, or back of a spoon.

Other Tips:
To Use small sponges as ink pads. cut compressed sponges into thin strips while dry and then add ink. It will create a thin smooth ink pad.

6 thoughts on “MYO Embossing Ink”

  1. this is absolutely wonderful! i love using embossing ink, but they are very pricey and currently out of my budget range. i will have to try making some of this up for an old versamark pad i have that could use a little re-inking.

    (has anyone tried that? if so, have you experienced any problems?)


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