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Make Your Own Ink Pads

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Make your own ink pads and waterproof rubber stamp ink pads in an array of colors that you choose! These simple ink pads are limited only to your imagination.

You’ll need:
Rit POWDERED Dyes, in various colors
Rubbing Alcohol
1 plastic soapbox (dollar store/travel section)
rubber foam (craft area of any department store)

Baby Food Jar: Add an entire package of dye to the jar, add alcohol to the top of the jar, replace lid and shake.
Film Canister: Fill canister 1/4 way full of dye, add alcohol to the top, replace the lid and shake.

*You are not limited to the dye colors – mix a few and get new and different colors – just remember to write down how much you mixed, so you can do it again.

Make your own Stamp pad by cutting a piece of the foam rubber to fit the bottom of your soapdish. Pour the ink mixture over the foam until it’s saturated, but not sopping!

To make Waterproof Rubber Stamp Ink

Mix 1 packet of Rit Dye, any color
1/4 tsp rubbing alcohol
5 T. Glycerin (usually found in the vitamin/health aisle in a small clear bottle)

Blend well.

Make your own Stamp pad by cutting a piece of the foam rubber to fit the bottom of your soapdish. Pour the ink mixture over the foam until it’s saturated, but not sopping!

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19 thoughts on “Make Your Own Ink Pads”

  1. i never thought of doing this- what an easy idea. i don’t have film containers but i have a whole stack of little tiny rubbermaid containers.

  2. i think this will be especially good for people who make or do cards, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, etc.; but it could also help the small business owner who just needs to stamp a red “private”, “paid”, etc. great idea! great article!:stars:

    • love this idea, my inkpads usually dry out before i can get much use out of them. any ideas on how to ‘re-wet’ inkpads?

      Water or alcohol depending on what the original base was

  3. very simple and inexpensive! is there a time frame where the ink has to be used? will the concoction go sour or smell funny after a period of time?

  4. i am new & can’t remember how to do the thank you thing. so thank you so much for posting. i too have many problems with the ink drying out & being able to afford many colors & all sorts of other problems. this will help me with many of my projects!

  5. thank you for this posting. i knew nothing about making my own stamp pads and wouldn’t think about a soap dish and foam. you just saved me lots of money as i have been buying more ink pads or refills.

    thank you again love this site !!!!:money1:

    • Wouldn’t the foam be too soft?

      How about using the foam sheets that are about 1/4 of an inch thick. You can also use foam make up sponges (triangle shape) with dots of “ink” on the edge, to get a swirl or blended color.

  6. i have been warned about using alcohol wipes in cleaning stamps so i would be caucious about using alcohol in the mixture.

  7. Awesome! Ink pads are pretty pricey, if you want a variety of colors on hand, and then they dry out which, in the past would have meant making a trip to the craft store and dropping far too much money, then only being able to buy small refill bottles. This way, however, will keep you stocked, and for very little money.

    This is going in my favorites, and I’m going to make a ton of these! I’ll even be able to get custom colors! Love, love LOVE this!!!

  8. Gosh, I just saw joywhite’s comment, and I would hate for my rubber stamps to get destroyed. I’m betting the alcohol could cause them to dry rot and/or crack. 🙁


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