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Rub-n- Buff Cream Recipe

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Rub-n-Buff cream is used for decorating wood, plaster, pottery, metal and etched glass surfaces. You can create your own rub-n-buff cream in varying metallic colors using this simple do it yourself recipe.

Add a few drops of “Boiled Linseed Oil” to some metallic powders (such as Pearl Ex or Powdered Pearls), mix to a thick, paste-like consistency. Store in a small jar with a tight fitting lid.

just a noteBe sure to use boiled linseed oil as a binder, not raw linseed oil which will not dry after application.

To use, apply to desired surface with a soft cloth wrapped around your finger or use a cotton swap for smaller areas.

Boiled Linseed Oil is available in the paint aisle of Lowes & Home Depot. It can also be purchased online at Amazon for under $4

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5 thoughts on “Rub-n- Buff Cream Recipe”

  1. have been wanting to purchase rub n buff but couldn’t afford it with all the other stuff i’ve been getting. now i don’t have to ever buy it, i can make my own n in any color i want or need! :smile1: This is why I joined…so many great n awesome finds on this site!!

  2. this is great. can it be used around children? i would want to use it on the wooden frame of a mobile :cot: i’m making by hand :sew: for my brother and sister-in-laws new baby girl.

    :061:Love shower

    tammy ramey

    • I can’t wait to try this. My husband always used boiled linseed oil whenever he did woodworking to keep the wood from drying out and keeping it’s natural colour. I look forward to adding colour to match marred wood and make it look good again.

      Thank you so very much for this super idea…

  3. Hey as a hobby wood worker I have used both types of linseed oil. The raw linseed oil will dry but it can take months for the process, where the boiled linseed oil purchased from a hardware store has additives which speed up the process to about 72h. I never thought to use a pigment powder to add colour, thanks for the tip.


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