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Decoupage Trash Cans

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Decoupage Trash Cans ~ A Fun Easy Recycling Craft Idea for the kids : Add some new life to an old trash can, photo frame, furniture, shelves and more with this dirt cheap crafty idea.

You’ll Need the following:

  • Wrapping Paper, Magazines, catalogs, etc
  • Plastic Trash Pail, (or any item you wish to decoupage)
  • Decent Scissors
  • Foam Brush
  • Small bowl
  • White Elmer’s Glue (not washable)
  • Warm Water

Step #1: Carefully cut out your favorite photos or characters, (trim close so the edges won’t show!). Keep in mind, the larger pieces may bubble or tear.

Step #2: In your small bowl, mix 3 parts glue & 1 part warm water to make a milky decoupage paste. (if making 1 c. use 3/4 c. glue & 1/4 c. warm water

Step #3: Using your foam brush, carefully brush over the can where you intend to put your picture/clip. Place the picture on and carefully brush more decoupage over it, covering it well.

Step #4: Continue applying your pictures over your trash can until you are done & it is covered as you desire.

Step #5: Allow to dry completely. Once dry, apply another layer, allow to dry. To complete the project you should add a full 3 coats, allowing it to dry 100% in between coats.


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4 thoughts on “Decoupage Trash Cans”

    • This sounds great! I never thought of decoupaging a plastic trash can — how fun!!

      This brings back memories from my first year at school lol. However our rubbish bins were tins, like a large coffee tin,with paper removed,then we cut out pictures, and proceeded to glue them on.

      We used a thick black marker to draw along all edges of cut out pictures. When dry I think it was just a type of sealer was applied to all of outside of tin. Great fun & great memories 🙂

  1. What a wonderful way to jazz up any room! You could make matching or coordinating trashcan, picture frames, pencil or brush holders, etc. I have a ton of ideas for redecorating either a home office or a personal dressing/girly room.

    Also, this would be a terrific way to fix up a child’s room! You could even use laser copies of their favorite cartoon characters, flowers for girls, barbies/Disney princesses, etc. The sky really is the limit here!

    Now my brain is in overdrive, lol


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