MYO Stamp Cleaner

Learn how to make your own money-saving Rubber Stamp Cleaner to keep your rubber stamping supplies clean and ready to use

1/4 c. Simple Green
3/4 c. water
Small plastic container w/ lid ( A travel soap container works awesome)

Combine the water & cleaner and pour over damp sponge. Swish the dirty stamp over the sponge and then wipe clean.

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  1. i have made this several times in the past — it is abso awesome!!! i read to make another bath but am having problems find the “simple green”. can anybody out there suggest an alternative?

    i’d be really grateful!! :worthy:

  2. why simple green? get clean product basic h could work to i have some of that on hand. it is one of oprah’s favorite things!!
    just saying

  3. i use baby shampoo in place of the simple green. it is gentle on the stamps, removes ink, and smells good. i also add a couple of teaspoons of glycerine to keep the stamps from drying out.

  4. i just joined budget 101 and I know I will enjoy it and will save lot’s of money and also there are many things I would like to buy but cannot afford to, but now that I have this great resource I will be able to have them!!! Thank you!

  5. this recipe is great. i must try it. i have a stampin up stamp cleaner gadget but it will be much cheaper to make up this recipe.

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