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Make Your Own Tissue Paper

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Tissue paper is a very lightweight paper that makes beautiful artwork and crafts. Here is a fun, unique way to make your own tissue paper.

I have a favorite technique using tissue paper, cardstock and cheap plastic wrap.
Heat your dry iron on the cotton setting.

Lay the cardstock on a flat service covered with a brown grocery bag or newsprint.

Next, place a layer of plastic wrap on top.

Place a single ply tissue paper, cocktail napkin, or dinner-size napkin on top. Make sure the napkin is single ply.

Iron the whole thing being sure to iron near the edges of the cardstock. The plastic will melt causing the cardstock and napkin to become one. If the tissue paper/napkin tries to come off the cardstock, apply a little glue and let dry.

This can be folded, cut into pieces for collage work, etc. I usually make a notecard out of most of it and then use the scraps for collage.

You will get melted plastic wrap on your iron. If you can, it may be best to devote your iron to your craft area!

Who irons clothes anyway?!!!!

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