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Easy Antiqued Paper Technique

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Create authentic old-fashioned looking labels for your home canned jams, jellies and gift in a jar recipes using this simple antiqued paper technique.

Make your own Antiqued Paper:
You’ll Need:
1 c. strong tea (choose different types of tea such as black pekoe, or green tea for different colors)
1 c. Strong Black Coffee

Crinkle your paper up into a tight ball and then carefully unravel until it’s flat.


Place a cup of strong tea or coffee in a 9×13 pan.

Place your paper into the coffee (or tea) and allow to soak for a minute or so. Carefully remove the paper from the liquid. Generally, placing it on a cooling rack covered with an old towel works well. This prevents the paper from taking on the shape of the cooling rack and allows helps it dry quicker.

Carefully blot the excess liquid from the paper.


Once it dries cut out the label and apply it to a glass bottle or jar using mod podge. “Paint” the label onto the jar with the mod podge, then let it dry.

This particular bottle was created for one of our extensive Halloween displays.

This method also works well for creating personalized labels for home canned goods.


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20 thoughts on “Easy Antiqued Paper Technique”

  1. what purpose does the towel serve? can you put the antiqued paper through a printer after submerging it in coffee or tea? thanks for a great idea.

    • What purpose does the towel serve? Can you put the antiqued paper through a printer after submerging it in coffee or tea? Thanks for a great idea.

      The towel allows for Proper drainage/drying without warping. No, it must be printed Before submerging it, or it will jam in your printer.

  2. i have used turmeric boiled in water too. it makes a beautiful “old world-looking” yellow! and dragon’s blood resin gives a wonderful red (soak resin in alcohol first)….so does beet juice……

    bark soaked in vinegar yields a beautiful blue…:2cents:

  3. i did this with paper tags one year for christmas gift tags but i just crumpled them and dropped them in the tea. after i removed them from the tea, i straightened them out on a cookie sheet and stuck them in the warm oven for a few minutes to dry them. they made the gifts looks great and everyone loved the tags!!

  4. sorry i think i missed something. do you print your labels firs or after soaking and drying? this is such a wonderful idea, i am going to see how it will work on some heavier white paper i have, so that i can make it antique looking and then paint my christmas cards on it.
    thank you so much for posting this idea, i think of so many used for it such as cards, and bookmarks.

  5. what a wonderful idea. thanks for sharing it. i love giving my home canned items to friends and this will make them even prettier.

    • Where do you get the original labels with you own name on them to personalize homemade jars of goodies?????

      we just created them on the computer, than antiqued the paper with the directions above

  6. great idea. since i bake cakes and pies, i would love to try this idea on the cake boxes and then try it on the cookie bags. love it.

    i bake cakes, pies and cookies. these homemade labels could be placed on the box or package for the desserts that were made. i really like this money saving idea of making my own labels.


  7. a great money saving idea for the cakes and desserts that i make. these homemade labels can be placed on the boxes and packaging that i use. i would decorate the label according to the flavor or item that it contains.

  8. Thank you for this tip. I have a black and white laser printer and was considering printing some downloaded color labels I found online at the printshop. You have inspired me to create my own for my jar mixes and candles!


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