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MYO Tissue Lamination

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Create gorgeous art projects and crafts with homemade faux-laminated tissue paper.

Colored Tissue Paper
White Background Paper
Liquid Starch

Carefully Brush liquid starch on white background paper, be sure not to leave puddles. Place a piece of colored tissue onto your paper, continue brushing liquid starch over your tissue to blend your color. Allow to Dry.

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7 thoughts on “MYO Tissue Lamination”

  1. wish you had a pic of the completed art. i would not try as i have no idea what it would look like or how to arrange the paper:bored::

    • I think this would be an awesome idea for my grandson, but I too would like to see a ‘completed project’

      this is an example of a completed project here at a homeschooling blog i frequent:

      those were done by children, so you can see how easy and beautiful they are.

  2. my granddaughter would love this! i have all of these supplies on hand! guess what we’re going to do today?!


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