MYO Shimmer Spray

myo shimmer spray
MYO Shimmer Spray

Create your own simple inexpensive shimmer spray in less than a minute with this money-saving do it yourself craft recipe.

If you have some shimmer paint, rubbing alcohol and a mini mister you can create your own Glimmer Mist as well.

Fill the mini mister (to 1/4″ below the screwthreads) with rubbing alcohol. Add a couple drops of shimmer – add cap, shake well.

Alternatively, one of our members submitted the following Shimmer Spray Recipe:

Fill a Small spray bottle with water
add 1 – 2 tsp. mica powder
shake well and Mist!

just a note The alcohol in the recipe causes it to dry almost instantly. If you choose to use the water-based recipe, you’ll need to give it time to dry.

For a pretty pearl shimmer, spray your cardstock BEFORE you stamp, let it dry, then add your stamp over the dried shimmer.

Shimmer Misters are available on Amazon.

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  1. can’t wait to get my supplies out to try this. sounds wonderful who would of thought you could make it yourself and so much cheaper :worthy:

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