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Coupon Printing Help

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Printing Help

First, we are sorry that you seem to be experiencing issues while printing our coupons. We have partnered with in order to provide all of our guests with maximum savings.

Which Error/ Issue are you Experiencing?

  • I am unable to login
  • I am able to login, but it says I have not installed the coupon printer.
  • Why Wont my Coupons Print?
  • Your Printer is not supported
  • You have printed this coupon the max number of times allowed.
  • Last Chance Tips

    I am Unable to login

    First, if you are unable to login, or if the login page simply loops you back to the login page repeatedly, you need to check to make sure your browser cookies are properly enabled.
    Enable Cookies in FireFox
    Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer

    Install Coupon Printer

    In order to print Digital FSI coupons you need to download and install the Coupon Printer. It’s free, safe and easy to use. It does not install any form of spyware or adware or collect any personal information about you. Once it has been downloaded and installed, a process that only takes a few seconds, you will be able to print coupons from our site and from emails you might receive.
    If you have already installed the coupon printer and you are still receiving a message stating that you need to install the coupon printer, please follow the steps outlined above to check your cookie settings.
    If you have already checked your cookie settings and you are still unable to successfully install the coupon printer, Click Here.

    Why Wont My Coupons Print?

    If you’re experiencing problems printing coupons there may be a few reasons:
    1. You don’t have a default printer or your printer isn’t ready
    You must have a default printer selected for your computer, and it must be a real, paper-based printer, not a virtual fax machine or file printer or PDF creator. Follow the instructions that came with your computer for setting up your printer. Also, make sure your printer is turned on, loaded with paper, has enough toner or ink, etc. If your printer is a multi-function device (print, fax, copy, scan) please make sure the default printer is the print function, not the fax function.

    2. Your operating system or browser is incompatible
    Coupon printing is currently supported on Windows Operating Systems Vista, XP, and 2000 when used with Internet Explorer 6+, FireFox 1+ Netscape 8+, and most MSN and AOL browsers.

    If you are unable to print when using an MSN, AOL, or Compuserve browser, please try printing your coupon using Internet Explorer 6+.
    Coupon printing is currently supported on Macintosh OSX 10.3 or higher when used with Safari.

    Coupon printing is not supported on Linux or WebTV.

    Enabling Cookies in FireFox

    First, in order to login you must make sure that cookies are enabled. If you are using the Firefox Browser, Click on Tools,


    Click on Options, Click on the Padlock that says “Security”. Click on the “Exceptions” tab. You will see the following window:

    In the bar that says, “Address of web site” Enter the following address:

    Then click the “Allow” button. Then enter this address:

    Then click the “Allow” button. Then enter this address:

    Then click the “Allow” button. Then enter this address:

    Once again, click the “allow” button. Then Click “Close”

    The Allowed Sites box will then Close. The Options box will still be open, click “Okay”.

    Go back to the Coupons Page, and try to log on once again.

  • Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer

    If you are using Internet Explorer, You must still make sure your cookies are enabled for the coupons site
    Click on Tools, Click on Internet Options.
    Click on the Security tab, which is located after the “general” tab. Once you have clicked on the security tab, click on the Green Checkmark that says, “Trusted Sites” to highlight it. Click on the “Sites” button.

    Once you have clicked on the “Sites” button the following Box will appear.


    If there is a Check in the box at the bottom where it says, “Require Server Verification for all sites in the zone”, UNCHECKthe box.

    In the space that says “Add website to the zone” type in the following:

    Click Add.

    Then type in:

    Click “Add”, Then Type in

    Click “Add”, Then Type in

    Click “add”. Click on Close. It will return you to Internet Options box, click Ok. Then go back to the coupons page and try to print.

    Other Common Errors

    Printed your Limit Message
    Some users report that they have received a message stating that they have already printed their limit. Most coupons can be printed a maximum of 2x’s each.
    However, on occasion users report that they receive this message BEFORE they’ve even printed One. This is often because the coupon had a set number of prints allowed before it expired. If you have received such an error after clicking on one of the coupon links in our forum, please Reply in the thread to let us know the coupon is no longer available.

    Last Chance Tip
    Well folks, some days there are some folks that just cant seem to print no matter what they try to do. I went several months being able to print everything just fine and then all of a sudden, Boom. Nadda. Here is a tip for you after you’ve followed all the other advice above, Right after you click on the Print Button a little message pops up in the top center of the page that says “If your browser doesn’t automatically redirect you, click here”

    CLICK ON THAT LINK!You have to be Fast!!! It’s only there for a split second. I have been able to print coupons doing that on both FF & IE when absolutely nothing else would work.

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