• Barbie's Pretty Pink Cake Mix

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    1. Jpfeff's Avatar
      Jpfeff -
      the cake looked really good. i was unsure at first but it came out great. i don't love the taste, but my daughter did.
    1. loribarrett's Avatar
      loribarrett -
      this turned out like a biscuit. here is a revised recipe to make it more like cake:

      4 Tb. flour
      1/4 t. baking powder
      1/8 t.

      3 t. red sugar crystals
      3 t. white sugar
      1/4 t.

      4 t. vegitable oil
      8 t. milk

      delicious frosted!!
    1. Oregonmommyx5's Avatar
      Oregonmommyx5 -
      i agree turned out like a biscuit will try the revised recipe next time
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