• DIY PVC Pool Ladder Plans

    Need a wider step ladder for your above ground pool? Here's an easy DIY PVC pool ladder plan that is affordable and easy to build.
    These DIY above ground pvc pool ladder instructions can be adapted to fit any size above ground pool. The average depths of most above ground pools are 48 to 52 inches. To get started, measure the height of your pool.

    You'll Need:
    2" PVC Pipe (twice the height of the pool, plus 8 feet)
    6 2"-90-Degree PVC Elbows
    2 2"-Tee (per step) If you have 5 steps total, you need 10 T's.
    4 2"-45-Degree Elbows
    Skate Board tape (for traction on the steps)
    stainless steel screws
    Foam insulation
    PVC Primer
    PVC Glue

    instructions to build a PVC pool ladder with wide rungs

    Photo Credit: Stephanie Sherwood

    Measure and cut the PVC "steps" (18" each), then spray the foam insulation into each pipe of the step for additional stability, let it dry.

    Cut the remaining PVC into 12" pieces.

    Prime the ends of the cut PVC, let the primer dry.

    Start with a 90-degree elbow and connect 2 elbows with one 18" piece of pvc to create the bottom rung of the ladder.

    Insert two pieces of 12" pvc to create the height for the next run, and top each section with a Tee joint, gluing in place as you go.

    Repeat until the ladder is the desired height/

    Apply two 90-degree angle joints to the top of ladder and set aside.

    Build the other side of the ladder in the same manner, but once you get to the top, apply a 45-Degree angle joint to the top of the ladder to create a slope.

    Attach the two ladders, glue into place. Apply
    waterproof skateboard tape to each rung of the ladder to help prevent slipping.

    While this would be wonderful for small children, it's inadvisable for heavier adults and in that case we'd recommend this one instead.
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