These yarn balloon ornaments are so easy to make & personalize with miniature christmas scenes, perfect for adorning gift packages too

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  • Simple String Balloon Ornaments

    Step by step directions for making your own sugar spun holiday ornaments - an adorable, functional craft made with string, sugar and water!
    How to Make Your Own Sugar Spun Holiday Ornaments

    To Begin, you'll need the following items:

    1 skein crochet floss (or COTTON yarn) Floss works much better, but cotton yarn will do in a pinch.

    Mix the sugar and water. (use warm water as to dissolve all the sugar).
    Blow up your balloons and tie off the end.

    Drop your entire skein of floss into the sugar mix, turning it several times to coat.

    Grasp 1 end and start wrapping.

    Wrap the floss around the balloon over and over again until the balloon is mostly covered like a spider web, with holes and windows.

    Let it completely dry, overnight.

    Then pop the balloon, (make sure you immediately throw away all balloon parts especially around small children) cut a 2" side of the ball.

    Add a small piece of evergreen pick to the bottom, then add whatever adornments you want to create a holiday scene. You can use whitewashed popsicle stick halves to form a mini cabin, or add snowmen, angels, etc. Top with a ribbon and bow for hanging.

    These are great for gifts, simply add miniature ornaments inside to create scenes!

    Insert treats into a small balloon, blow it up, apply the same method listed above to colored yarn, let them dry, pop the balloon and you have instant filled treats!

    If you don't want to use sugar water, you can soak the string in Elmer's School Glue (which dries clear).

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