Today we're going to explain a very effective way to become debt free in a very short period of time. . . We're going to show you how to start your own WordPress blog, with absolutely no web design experience what-so-ever.

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  • Blogging for Fast Cash

    Today we're going to explain a very effective way to become debt free in a very short period of time. . .
    We're going to show you how to start your own WordPress blog, with absolutely no web design experience what-so-ever. That's right, this is all about how to make money with a blog for beginners. You don't have to be a college graduate, I'm not. In fact, I never went to college at all, except for massage therapy and real estate associate licenses that I attained in my early 20's.

    Those things helped pay the bills and keep our head above water, but they didn't get me out of debt.

    ultimately changed our lives forever. It gave me a voice to share my experiences, recipes, things that worked for me, and unfortunately, I had my site for well over 10 years before I even learned that I could actually make MONEY with it.

    Blogging for Fast Cash- How to set up your own website or blog in 15 minutes flat

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    Luckily, you don't have that problem, because we're going to tell you HOW to make money from the start, from day ONE.

    1. How to Start Your Site -that's THIS page!
    2. How to Gain Traffic
    3. How to Grow your Social Media Accounts (We have 2.2 Million Fans on Facebook, 65K+ followers on Pinterest, 2K followers on Twitter
    4. How Bloggers Get Paid & How much money you can make blogging

    Before you can do those things, we have to go back to square #1, which is precisely How to Start your Own Blog.

    Bluehost is an excellent company to get started with as a new blogger. As one of the top web hosting companies, they have a team of experts that offer fantastic
    tech support and best of all, they're extremely inexpensive to get started.

    You can start your own blog with them for $3.95 a month, through my affiliate offer link. When you sign up using my link, you get your domain name for Free, which is a $13 savings.

    Can't I just start on Blogger or a Free Hosting Site?

    If you're starting a blog just for fun, maybe to keep your family informed about what you've been up to, share a couple pictures now and then, then a free blogger account is for you. BUT, if you're thinking about creating your own blog to generate revenue, maybe work a few hours a week to make a couple thousand extra dollars a month, than NO, you absolutely do NOT want a "free" hosting account.

    1. You want to start off with your OWN domain name from the get-go. - Remember how I mentioned that my site was online for over a decade before I made $1 off it?! Well, that's because I started with geocities (gone now!), and then switched to another free hosting and another. Each
    time I switched, I lost traffic, fans that couldn't find my site any longer and lots of content too. Self-Hosting by having your own direct domain name and wordpress site on Bluehost will help prevent the mistakes I made early on.

    2. When you start your own blog on Bluehost you can run ads immediately, affiliate links, direct link advertising offers and banners. Your site is much more likely to be accepted by various affiliate companies as you'll appear as a legitimate business.

    3. When your traffic goes crazy wild from a wonderful viral post, your site won't go down, it'll simply be upgraded to handle the traffic.

    Choosing a Platform, Why WordPress?

    Because it's easy to make money with Wordpress.

    Wordpress is very user-friendly and quick to learn. You don't have understand code, html, css, javascript or any other such things.

    How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost

    Click Here to Start the Process

    1. Choose the Basic Package, you can upgrade later when you need it!

    Choose a domain Name: Hint: Pick something Catchy & easy to remember!

    3. Account Information Page: it will now take you to an account information page. If you leave this page open for a few minutes, an additional discount offer will likely pop up, reducing your expenses even further! Click on the CLAIM Savings button!

    Select the 36 month option for the BEST Value.

    Complete all the details, check the box at the bottom and click submit.

    4. Congratulations, Your Domain is now purchased and Wordpress is being installed FOR YOU!

    5. Create a Password- You'll be redirected to a page to create your login credentials for Your New Site! (Exciting isn't it?!)

    Design & Add Content to Your New Site

    You've already created your domain and WordPress has now been installed for you, simply login using the password you created.

    Follow the initial walk-through process, entering the title for your site, choosing a theme design, etc. Don't worry, this is literally a guided
    step by step process!

    Once you've chosen your design, you can further customize by clicking on "Appearance" in the left hand sidebar. Here you can choose to add "sidebars" (columns that appear on the right or left side of your main content window, as well as a Header, Footer, or widgets. Widgets are boxes that appear in the sidebars, this is often where ads are placed.

    Should you have any questions on how to get started, please feel free to ask in the comments below, I'm here to help!!

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