• Hummingbird Cake Mix in a Jar

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    1. CharlieBrown68's Avatar
      CharlieBrown68 -
      Oh I'm LOVING this!!!
    1. ladeeda3's Avatar
      ladeeda3 -
      looks good! i've heard of hummingbird cake but have never tried it. think i better try it before gifting it...
    1. Gigi232's Avatar
      Gigi232 -
      can't wait to try this. any ideas for frosting ???
    1. jaylene67's Avatar
      jaylene67 -
      hummingbird cake is my all-time favorite! i love this gift jar idea. however, i am disappointed that it doesn't have instructions for the cream cheese icing which is the best part.
    1. Mrscatmanjones's Avatar
      Mrscatmanjones -
      can't wait to give this to my mom, sounds just like something she will love.
    1. eeyorelover2200's Avatar
      eeyorelover2200 -
      Cream cheese frosting
      1 8oz pkg cream cheese softened
      1 stick butter or margarine softened
      2 cups powdered sugar - more or less
    1. Lolabear's Avatar
      Lolabear -
      Wow...sounds delish. Cant wait to make this
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