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    Every week, budget101 is inundated with questions about coupon use as well as coupon deal
    success stories.

    How to Shop Smart with Coupons

    Do you Have to Get the Sunday Paper to Get Great Deals?

    Absolutely Not. Budget101.com offers a complete compilation of various stores that are local to our users.

    Simply visit:


    Enter your Zip Code and a List of Stores for your area will appear. Choose the stores you normally shop at, and a Grocery Guide will pop up showing you exactly what is on sale! As you check off items (to create a free printable grocery list) you can also click on the right hand side for additional coupons that may be available along with the sale.

    Once you're done perusing the sales available, Print out your Grocery list and head over to our free Printable Coupons Page.


    You can create a free username and print these coupons right on your home computer. In most cases you can print multiples of the same coupon.

    Worried about saving ink or wasting paper? No worries, if you've chosen more than 2 different coupons, most of the time it will print up to 3 coupons per page.

    If you are looking for additional coupons, check out our coupon Forum, where members share their latest Coupon finds and Deal Alerts:


    Check out the Coupon Deals our Members have submitted!

    Do we Recommend getting the Sunday Paper?

    If you are serious about saving money and are willing to spend 3-60 minutes each week clipping coupons, then I recommend that you get the Sunday Paper.

    This particular paper is well worth the dollar or $2 that it costs, as it will save you tons of money. Often, stores will discount the Sunday paper on Monday or Tuesday. Smaller Mom and Pop stores usually cut the top strip of the paper off, sending it back to the publisher and toss the paper itself. You may be able to get one of these types of stores to Give you the Ads & Coupon inserts from the paper without purchasing it at all !

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      Allison46 -
      Hello I am new to this ,I would like to know how do I get started with coupon clipping.
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