If you have long hair, you'll love this simple quickie beachy wave hairstyle in just a few minutes of our time


  • Tip #225 Beachy Hair Waves

    During the summer months it's nice to sport those long beachy waves, but no one wants to spend an hour doing their hair in order to acquire that style! Here's a simple way to get beach waves in less than 10 minutes.
    Section your dry hair into 5-10 sections and quickly braid each of the sections into a loose braid.

    Apply a hot flat iron down each braid, let it cool completely (takes just a minute). Spritz it lightly with hairspray.

    Remove the elastic and gently undo the braid. Run your fingers through the waves and you'll instantly have Awesome Waves in under 10 minutes.

    Even better? Just
    section your damp hair into several sections, braid it loosely & go to bed. By morning you'll have easy, beachy waves.

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