• Chicken Shake & Bake Mix

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    1. Scarletkate's Avatar
      Scarletkate -
      oh my goodness ~ i used this on chicken thighs the other night ~ and got rave reviews from the family. going to use it again tomorrow as a rub for roasted chickens.
      its inexpensive, very tasty, healthy. you can use onion and garlic powder instead of salt if you're concerned about sodium.
      thanks so very much.

      p.s. i made up a double batch of it tonight so i'll have some on hand when needed.
    1. keri65's Avatar
      keri65 -
      thank you and it's even gluten free!!!!
    1. Guest's Avatar
      Guest -
      i mixed up a batch of this chicken shake and bake seasoning to be used on our chicken thigh dinner the other night and wow, a little too strong for our taste. not sure if its the sage, thyme, rosemary, or the combination of it all but i definitely will either use another recipe or modify this one to tone it down a little. you don't need much as i used it sparingly.
    1. golliwog's Avatar
      golliwog -
      very nice recipe as are all of the mixes that l have tried here! thank you
    1. Thriftymamma's Avatar
      Thriftymamma -
      i used this on skinless boneless chicken breasts and it turned out all dry and white from the flour. was i supposed to use oil or what did i do wrong. i used 1 Tbsp of seasoning with 1/2 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of bread crumbs for 5 pc chicken breasts.
    1. Maskorstad's Avatar
      Maskorstad -
      thank you so much for recipe i buy shake n bake all the time, now i don't have too :-d
    1. lindylu's Avatar
      lindylu -
      Just the receipe I was looking for. Sounds delicious. Will try it tonite.
    1. bwhited's Avatar
      bwhited -
      I have wanted to find something like this for sometime now thanks.
    1. bwhited's Avatar
      bwhited -
      I have wanted to find something like this for sometime now thanks. Can you add the flour in the begining with the rest of the dry ingredients
    1. Guest's Avatar
      Guest -
      This look really good going to try it on porkchops 😊
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