• Baked Mac and Cheese II

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    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      This one is absolutely fabulous, we had it for dinner last night. You can also add leftover chunks of ham (from a ham dinner) or broccoli just prior to baking.
    1. mos's Avatar
      mos -
      I'm so glad that you liked it! And you are so right about adding some ingredients that you mentioned. This is perfect for using up some leftovers!

      This was the recipe that my dm made that i grew up on and had forgotten about until i was cleaning out some family stuff and came across her 'notebook' with recipes. i'm still going through it to find some of the gems i grew up on! interesting note...i remember that 'us kids' would get the mac and cheese with a salad for dinner while dd would have this with a ham steak and salad.

      she would eat the same as us, but dd got a big piece of meat. the bonus was that we got ice cream for dessert and he got a bowl of berries...giggle... as an adult, i know that i'd be better off with berries, but as a kid i thought that i had the better end of the deal!

      i hope that anyone trying this meal will make their own additions and make the recipe their own!!!!!

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