If you think Elf on a Shelf is Wacky, check out these Unique Holiday Traditions from Around the World


  • Bizarre Christmas Traditions From Around the World

    Everyone has their own family traditions as well as every culture; It's always neat to see how other people celebrate the same Holidays.. but sometimes it can be a real eye opener! If you think Elf on a Shelf is wacky, check this out!

    I don't know about your family, but our strangest tradition is hiding the pickle ornament in the Christmas Tree each year; Not very odd or exciting, I'm afraid.

    Did you know in the Ukraine, it's considered Good Luck to hang spider webs on the tree?

    Check out these unique cultural holiday traditions.. where you'll see some folks appear to mix a little Halloween
    in with their Christmas, others practically worship KFC (yes, the Chicken place!), and yet others dress like Santa to go Bar-Hopping in style.

    What are some of your favorite holiday traditions in your family? We'd love to hear them!

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