How to remodel your entire kitchen for under $500 in less than a weekends time.

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  • Dirt Cheap Kitchen Makeover Under $500

    Taking today's economy into consideration, it can be tough to even Think about remodeling areas of your home that need some work. Fortunately, giving your kitchen a complete makeover can be accomplished under $500.

    Here is a before shot of the kitchen before the Make-over. As you can see, the existing counter-tops are just plywood.

    Total Cost of the Kitchen Transformation $486.

    This little beauty here (pictured left) is how I transformed our kitchen from blah to beautiful. This kit can be used on numerous surfaces, including existing countertops. The kit is available in multiple colors, I chose charcoal.

    It is also offered in Java Stone, Onyx, Pebbled Ivory, and Desert Sand.

    First, Lightly sand the surface ..., the wipe it down. This project gets a bit messy, so we recommend taping off the cabinets with painters plastic to protect them from accidental paint blotches & to keep the chips from getting into your drawers.

    The apply a nice coat of your basecoat (comes in the kit).

    Spray the base coat with the "wet" spray, which helps keep your surface moist while you apply your decorative chips.

    As you can see, it's as easy as squeezing a trigger . . .

    Next, apply the decorative chips THICKLY! Don't leave any gaps in your surface. Then, leave it to dry overnight.

    apply decorative chips

    The next step is to lightly sand the countertop. Here you can see that when we refinished the counters, we also refinished a couple wooden stands as well, so our coffee tables in the living room would match our kitchen.

    Now comes the easiest part of all, mixing the final protective coating and applying it.

    Once the coating is applied, the counters will need about 48 hours to cure. They'll be dry to the touch in just 5-7 hours.

    The top coat has anti-microbial finish will not mold or mildew and is non-yellowing and can stand up to daily wear and tear.

    Once Dry, simply replace your trim and Voila! Instant Make-over!

    Prior to this Redecorating, we didn't have any hardware on the doors or drawers. In keeping with a natural theme, I added "Leaf" hardware, which turned out to be one of the most expensive additions to the project.

    Here are a Couple "After" Shots

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    1. michelle69's Avatar
      michelle69 -
      I so want to try this. I have been looking at yellow marble formica for 18 years and want a change. My cabinets are dingy 70's style and will be painted this year. I am hoping that my trip to the Restore (sponsored by Habitat for Humanity) will have doors that will fit the cabinets I currently have.

      I want a kitchen makeover so bad!
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      One way to really spruce up old doors is to sand them down, refinish the edge of the door and paint the door panel a color that matches your kitchen. My mom did this one year in a house we lived in and the kitchen looked gorgeous afterwards. She used a hunter green and painted some "ivy" along the corners as well. It was a little time consuming, but fairly inexpensive to do.
    1. jodivin's Avatar
      jodivin -
      Beautiful work. Now, on to replacing a 4" ceramic tile counter and backsplash....not so easy maybe...:
    1. jaime's Avatar
      jaime -
      What nice pictures. I just finished updating my had been 10 years. Unfortunately all we could afford was paint, but it looks wonderful and I made some new curtains as well. Our update cost about $150, but it was worth a million to me
    1. cakebaby's Avatar
      cakebaby -
      wow, great idea and nice money saver
    1. 14mcqueeneya's Avatar
      14mcqueeneya -
      Wish I could afford to makeover our kitchen right now, this looks great
    1. photomommy's Avatar
      photomommy -
      This looks really cool. The picture of the kit isn't very big. Could you give me more details, and where can you buy it? Would love to check into this as we still have the 1960's/70's looking countertop that is white with silver sparkles through it!
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      The kit is available at Lowes in the Paint Department.
    1. lala72's Avatar
      lala72 -
      My husband is very interested in this. We've always wanted to update our ugly contertops and this product would be great for us. Thank you for the idea.
    1. LilMissR3d's Avatar
      LilMissR3d -
      OMGoodness! I have this countertop kit sitting (and collecting dust) in my garage. I actually got it for free about a year (maybe 2) ago. Your results are fantastic... Ive really (REALLY) got to do this to my countertops
    1. jrodgers's Avatar
      jrodgers -
      We want to update our counter tops in the kitchen. Currently we have 70's avocado and white rippled ceramic tile. The grout traps water and the counters aren't level so water pools when it is washed down. I tried to find this product locally and found that it had been clearanced out - I was heart-broken.

      We are now looking at sheet formica. Can you share how you installed and finished the wood edge on your counter?

      Your kitchen is beautiful, thanks for sharing. - Jane
    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by jrodgers View Post
      I tried to find this product locally and found that it had been clearanced out - I was heart-broken.
      The product is available online on Amazon for the same price, plus free shipping with prime.

      Countertop Transformation Kits Link

      Quote Originally Posted by jrodgers View Post
      Can you share how you installed and finished the wood edge on your counter?
      Your kitchen is beautiful, thanks for sharing. - Jane
      Thank you! We just trimmed the counters out with some leftover boards we had in the garage, we just stained them & cut them to fit. You put a little wood glue on the backside, attach with finish nails.
    1. farmkat's Avatar
      farmkat -
      looks very good. would love to do this in the bathroom also.
    1. denisestahle's Avatar
      denisestahle -
      walmart has a counter top kit to make your countertops to look like granite. the kit cost around $50.00
    1. Deborah_D's Avatar
      Deborah_D -
      Weren't the seams in the plywood any additional/special concern for you with this method? Looks beautiful!
    1. tismeinaz's Avatar
      tismeinaz -
      My countertops have been painted over ceramic tile (previous owner) and the paint is peeling. The tile under the paint is glossy. I wonder if one of these kits would work on my countertop? Has anyone had this happen?
    1. juliette heim's Avatar
      juliette heim -
      Great idea...looks fairly easy too
    1. GGMA14's Avatar
      GGMA14 -
      I was just wondering how it would work on old Formica...perhaps you would need to remove the Formica??
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by GGMA14 View Post
      I was just wondering how it would work on old Formica...perhaps you would need to remove the Formica??

      No, you don't have to remove it, you have to sand the finish/shine off it first so the enamel paint will stick.
    1. elmooakcrest's Avatar
      elmooakcrest -
      I have granite tile blocks as my counter top. Would this kit work on something like that?
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