Learn how to extend your growing season with minimal effort and have fresh tomatoes through the winter months using an existing tomato plant

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  • Free Tomato Plants from Cuttings

    Starting tomatoes from seed can take six to eight weeks before they're big enough to transplant, but did you know you can cut down this time to just 10 days by taking a single cutting?
    How to grow tomatoes from plant cuttings

    This is a great way to get additional plants started if you want to extend your growing season. Each year we pinch off "suckers" off our garden tomatoes to start a new crop of tomatoes to keep the growing season throughout the late fall, early winter.

    You'll Need:

    a Tomato Plant
    Fresh water
    a Glass or small mason jar

    In 7-10 Days you'll need:
    Small Pots 4"-6"
    Soil (unless you wish to plant these rooted plants
    in a soil-less hydroponic system)

    Find suckers on an existing tomato plant. The suckers are shoots that grow out of the crotch of plant. Some experienced gardeners believe that plucking off these suckers will result in stronger plants that produce more fruit.

    Pinch them off gently and immediately place them in a glass of water, place the glass on a windowsill. Do not use "City water" that has been treated with Chlorine or other systems such as hard water abatement systems containing salt.

    Extend the growing season and grow tomatoes from plant cuttings

    The plants will root within 7-10 days and can then be transplanted.

    This is a fabulous way to keep fresh tomatoes indoors year round, every 45 days, root a new plant.

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