• Organizing Your Coupons

    Are you new to Coupon Clipping? Over the years our readers have offered lots of tips and suggestions for organizing those coupons to you can maximize your savings.

    How to Organize your Coupons for Maximum Savings

    What do you Need to get Started ?

    1. 3 Ring Binder ( available at Wal-Mart for $1.96 - often even cheaper)
    2. Trading Card Pocket pages - these are in the office supply aisle and are 9 pocket poly/laminate full size pages (Wal-Mart 1.44 per pkg regular price)
    3. Coupons- from the Sunday paper or printed from your computer, etc.
    4. Optional- full size poly pages

    Even if you are not an avid coupon clipper, I highly suggest
    starting with the items listed above.


    1. It will save you time
    2. You'll find more deals
    3. You'll be more likely to use your coupons rather than having them get lost in the bottom of your pocketbook/purse or forgotten at home.
    4. It helps keep your barcodes clean and easier for the cashier to scan
    5. Its easier to see what you have for coupons- rather than flipping through an accordion style coupon book.
    Organizing Coupons to Maximize Savings- Here's how!

    How to get started . . .

    1. Place your Trading card pages into your binder and divide into as many sections as you need (Refrigerated, Cleaners & Detergents, Baking Goods, Frozen items, Personal Care, Pets etc)

    These sections will be personalized to fit your own family.

    2. As you begin clipping your coupons, slide them into your binder in the correct section.
    Organizing Coupons to Maximize Savings

    I usually do this as I'm watching a favorite TV show in the
    evening, or catching the latest news.

    3. If you're really organized you can insert them according to the savings, for example, all the .25er's on 1 page, or at the top of each page. Generally speaking, I don't do this!

    4. Each week double check the expiring coupons as you're adding to the binder. You can use colored dot stickers to alert you to hurry up and use the coupon or to be looking for that item on sale that week.

    Various Tips

    1. Keep the Binder in your car. That way, no matter when you run into the store, you'll have the deals at your fingertips.

    2. Find out whether your favorite grocery store accepts coupons. Since most stores Corporate policies allow coupons, most store managers are able to set their own standards as to what they will or wont accept.

    I've added a few photos here and there so you can get the idea of how our coupon binder looks.

    © Liss Burnell - the Owner & Editor of Budget101.com Your #1 Penny Pinching Resource
    yourself out of debt when all you have is a spoon"
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    1. CoolCat's Avatar
      CoolCat -
      Mind sharing a photo of your book? I'd love to see it
    1. Darsa's Avatar
      Darsa -
      I know this is kinda old, but I'm extremely new, and would also love to see a picture demo of your coupon book. I always used to use the accordion thingies and lost patience fairly quickly.

    1. Liss's Avatar
      Liss -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darsa View Post
      I know this is kinda old, but I'm extremely new, and would also love to see a picture demo of your coupon book. I always used to use the accordion thingies and lost patience fairly quickly.

      Hi there! Thanks for your post, I've added some photos to the article of our binder so you can check it out. Welcome to the site and feel free to jump in anytime!
    1. mimisbuddy1's Avatar
      mimisbuddy1 -
      This is how I do mine, except I can't find the baseball card insert pages at my walmart, only full size.
    1. zxxiv's Avatar
      zxxiv -
      Quote Originally Posted by mimisbuddy1 View Post
      This is how I do mine, except I can't find the baseball card insert pages at my walmart, only full size.
      Staples carries the baseball trading card sheets. usually for under $4 for 10 sheets.
    1. jrose1022's Avatar
      jrose1022 -
      The office supply area would have the plastic sheets. Mine was called a business card organizer; but I've had them for years. Maybe theyre obsolete.
    1. mimisbuddy1's Avatar
      mimisbuddy1 -
      Thank you ladies, I finally found some @ Walmart, also some for pictures work well too!So how do you ladies go about which coupons to clip? do you clip them all or just the ones you know you'll use?
    1. cincomommy's Avatar
      cincomommy -
      I am a newbie at the whole clipping coupons thing. I went to the grocery store last night and I was able to save almost 50.00 using coupons. I only clip the coupons that I know I am going to use. Otherwise I feel that there will be so many ones that I wont use that it will fill up too much space.

      I have been looking around on this webste about coupons. I have found many great resources like the page that lists all of the grocery stores and the sales that are availiable. Also the one that lists all of the weekly sale ads.
    1. bleedingace's Avatar
      bleedingace -
      i just up graded my coupon note books with tabs and it was the best thing i have ever done. I don't mind cutting out the coupons but I use to hate trying to put them in the notebooks, but now i dont mind it abit and it save lots of time Plus i had a coupon for the tabs!!! Gota love it.
    1. socksielove's Avatar
      socksielove -
      Quote Originally Posted by mimisbuddy1 View Post
      This is how I do mine, except I can't find the baseball card insert pages at my walmart, only full size.

      I found the baseball card inserts at Walmart in the As Seen On TV section, by the cash registers. I found them on a rack that is usually used for candy bars, etc., I paid aproximately $4.50--price vary from store to store. If you cannot find at your Walmart, try a store that sells baseball cards, etc. Or go to amazon.com.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Attachment 3959 You can get 100 pages at Amazon for $15. (Shipping is free if you have amazon prime). I found more inserts the other day at walmart in the office supply isle (near the notebooks/binders). Usually they have so much stuff stacked on top of them that you have to dig for them.
    1. Lindak's Avatar
      Lindak -
      I would like grocery coupons mostly, I don't really need or want resturant, shows or odd coupons of the things I will never use. I find the things I need never have coupons. I don't use prepared food or mixes. I want staples. Most of the things I cook are from scratch. I do occasionally use cake mixes, but never by tv dinner type food. I really like the would like to find more coupons for staples. Lindak
    1. SassyMcGee's Avatar
      SassyMcGee -
      This article makes me happy. I was thinking I was a coupon "failure" because I don't normally use coupons but I want to. However, If I can't save $100.00 on a grocery trip, I felt like it was a stupid effort.

      This article has helped me see that its NOT the norm to get a refund at the end, or have your $250.00 grocery bill cost you only $5.00 or whatever.

      Thanks so much!
    1. r0nsterrrz's Avatar
      r0nsterrrz -
      When I made mine, I found some notebook dividers on clearance & we put them into separate sections.
    1. Need2budget's Avatar
      Need2budget -
      I am new to this site but am not new to couponing. I've had my binder for about a year now and found my card holders at the dollar store. My problem (well, one of them...) is finding enough coupons! I get the local paper and print coupons online, but I still don't feel like I am "finding" them all. I am moving to the ATL area in January and hoping that I can connect with a couponing group!
    1. phunkyphreak's Avatar
      phunkyphreak -
      That is a great idea! I need to organized mine.
    1. VICKIEW's Avatar
      VICKIEW -
      I am going to start couponing! I bought two Sunday papers yesterday and now...let the journey begin! I am open to all that I can learn about saving money! Thanks for all the helpful suggestions on this website.
    1. alihill1980's Avatar
      alihill1980 -
      I have one but def need to leave it in my car!!!also need more time in the day so i can be more organized
    1. Kermitdafrog!'s Avatar
      Kermitdafrog! -
      I have always used the accordian style and mutter under my breath CONTANTLY in frustration of losing my "place" with it. So switching to the 3 ring binder seems attractive, but as a (tongue in cheek) ADHD OCD person....a person who can get hung up on the organization part to the point of distraction.....SQUIRREL!!!!

      Anywho, its a stupid question, but each "slot" in the organizer is designated for a certain type of item or is it one slot per name brand item. just seems like that system would be inherent to "holes" riddled throughout organizer and then requiring a ba-jillion more clear pages which is counter intuitive to saving money by having to buy more. (Sorry, but my head just isn't wrapping around this at the moment....someone throw me a line???)
    1. mdbkids's Avatar
      mdbkids -
      I was going strong for a while, but life got overwhelming. I kept telling my self that this was money and to be more diligent, but it just got to be too much. I have a nice zipper binder and need to start again. Really need some motivation to start again - even though I paid $1.25 for maxi pads today. LOL. I also paid 2.29 for a $6 bag of coffee. It's just so much work to get going and keep it up

      I see the picture has it separate by aisle. Do you use just one store then? I usually go to one, but I was curious.
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