Learn how to start your own home-based business as a Jamberry Nails Consultant including what you'll need for start up costs, how to get a kit and what your potential earnings could be

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  • Jamberry Nails

    Jamberry Nails is a brand of nail products specializing in beautifully decorated nail shields that are easy and safe to apply to the nails. Because they are ready-printed nail designs, Jamberry Nails offers so many fun and really exquisite designs to choose form which can be both the sellers and the buyers benefit.

    If you are more interested on being a seller then joining to be a Jamberry Nails representative is really pretty simple. One way you can do is to visit the Jamberry Nails website and look for the Join Us button on the home page and there you can find where you can register.
    Once you have registered you just have to wait for the body care company to reply and from there you can follow the next step as to how to acquire your starter kit for your new business. Another convenient way to join Jamberry Nails is to look for a already Jamberry Nails Consultant near you and you can do this by looking for one in their website as well. It is also with her that you can sign-up and the consultant may even help you through the process.
    After registering, all you need is to shell out $99 and with that you would already get a starter kit that includes :

    The starter kit contains the following:
    50 Catalogs
    50 Brochures
    100 order forms
    Rubber Cuticle Pusher
    100 Orange Sticks
    5 Crystal Files
    Hair dryer
    Consultant Guide
    3 Buffers
    3 Sets of Scissors
    50 Sample cards/Business Cards
    1 Sheet of Nails in the Kit
    Credit to order 3 sheets of nails of your
    3 months of use on your personal website.

    You can expect to earn at least 30% of your commissions on your personal sales and 5% volume bonus which can increase as you get higher on your leadership level. Building a team of consultants who now serve as your down line can earn you up to 19% on their commissions.

    Because Jamberry Nails have so many designs to choose from, it will not be difficult at all to find customers. One of the highly suggested ways for you to establish a really good customer base is in hosting a Jamberry Nails party. You can invite numerous of your friends who you know would be into this and there you could let your friends try out you nail shields and it would be guaranteed that they would buy a set from you because Jamberry Nails are not hard to love. Also, use your own nails as endorsement by wearing different designs of the nails shields every time you can and you are sure to catch attention and with that comes a new business opportunity
    on either selling or even recruitment.

    Other ideas:

    1. Host a Teen Beauty Party
    2. Bridal Showers
    3. Prom/Teen Dance Party (host this several hours before the actual event)
    4. Send out Cards to Real Estate Offices- most ladies in real estate spend lots of time on their nails!

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