• Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix

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    1. dnanny's Avatar
      dnanny -
      Yum! Will try this! Sounds great!
    1. TracyJR's Avatar
      TracyJR -
      I see that you have two stars next to the sea salt, why is that?
    1. Aysh888's Avatar
      Aysh888 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Liss View Post
      i just checked on the same thing myself so can answer that for you:

      ** regarding the salt, be sure to use sea salt, not table salt!
    1. Aysh888's Avatar
      Aysh888 -
      I made a batch of this tonight, to the recipe. It was yummy for sure. A very rich dark taste to it, with a sweetness, then the salty after taste.

      It reminded me of a rather expensive one I had in one of those overprice coffee shops. That is a few Christmas gifts taken care of. Thank you Budget101
    1. JenC01's Avatar
      JenC01 -
      I fought my way through this recipe and it's amazing.. I only got 4 pint size jars out of it though, so I'll need to make another batch.. not sure what went wrong with the volume of mix..

      hopefully this time it won't take me 5 tries to get the caramel done.. mine kept tasting burnt.. the chocolate kept melting in the blender also lol..

      it was quite the troublesome project.. but the taste, super yummy!!
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