• MYO Mozzarella in 30 minutes or less

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    1. jmssfl's Avatar
      jmssfl -
      my son loves mozzarella cheese sticks - we may have to try this and form the cheese into sticks!
    1. SugarRobot's Avatar
      SugarRobot -
      fabulous! cannot wait to try!
    1. steffilane's Avatar
      steffilane -
      great! i cannot wait to try making my own mozzarella cheese. i bet fresh mozzarella cheese would taste so much better than store bought!
    1. billie6708's Avatar
      billie6708 -
      Can't wait to try this
    1. MsAnges's Avatar
      MsAnges -
      i made this tonight. it turned out pretty good. the texture wasn't quite as smooth but i didn't want to over-work it.

      i would use a little less salt (my personal taste) the next time. it turned out pretty good. will definitely make it again.

      thanks so much!!!
    1. reneemc's Avatar
      reneemc -
      Always wanted to try making my own cheese, thinking this may be a good type to start with
    1. blnddee68's Avatar
      blnddee68 -
      Going to have to try this very soon. I have access to raw milk.
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