MYO Frozen Pudding Pop Ice Cream sandwiches- a simple, dirt cheap frozen treat that takes less than 10 minutes to throw together

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  • Frozen Pudding Pop Sandwiches

    MYO Frozen Pudding Pop Sandwiches
    An oh so simple frozen, almost like ice cream sandwich recipe that’s sure to be a hit in your house. Fortunately, you probably have everything you need right in your pantry. This recipe could easily be adapted between flavors and mix ins.

    Make your own Frozen Pudding Pop ice cream sandwiches- great for after school snacks, this dirt cheap frozen treat is so easy, even the kids can make them

    The number of sandwiches you actually get will depend on how full you make them. Once the bars are frozen place them in a large freezer bag or container to store. They will keep frozen for weeks but they’ll never last that long…..

    Below is the quickie recipe, but keep in mind you can definitely make your own pudding in whatever
    flavors you prefer and use that rather than using Instant Pudding, just allow the pudding to cool completely.

    You’ll need
    1 pkg instant Chocolate Pudding (regular 4 serving size)
    1 ½ cup milk
    ½ cup peanut butter OR Nutella OR 1 c. of stabilized whipped cream
    15-18 whole graham crackers

    In a medium bowl whisk together the pudding, milk and peanut butter. Let stand for about 5 minutes to thicken. Break graham crackers in half. Spoon thickened pudding mixture on to one graham cracker square and top with another.

    Gently press and wrap in plastic wrap. Freeze at least 1 hour till firm.

    Let stand out of the freezer for a couple minutes before eating if they are too hard for smaller children to bite.

    Easy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pop "Sammiches"- perfect afterschool snack


    If using fresh fruit you would want to make sure it is pureed smooth or else you will be biting into frozen chunks. There is no rule saying you have to use a mix
    in. Making the pudding by itself into the frozen sandwich would be just as tasty.

    • Vanilla pudding & mashed banana
    • Vanilla pudding & pureed strawberries
    • Lemon pudding (add 1 cup cool whip or stabilized whipped cream)
    • Orange cream and vanilla pudding (tastes like 50-50 bars)
    • Vanilla pudding with crushed Oreo cookies
    • Vanilla Pudding with a Layer of Chocolate Hot Fudge (Frozen)- = Frozen Eclair Bars
    • Layer of Chocolate Pudding, Layer of Marshmallow Fluff for Frozen S'mores
    • Layer of Pudding, Layer of thinly sliced fruit gently pressed into it (bananas, strawberries, peaches, cherries (with chocolate pudding!!), etc

    Lighten up any flavor and double the amount of servings by combining set pudding with one 8 oz tub of thawed whipped cream topping, just lightly fold the whipped topping into the pudding once it has thickened.

    The flavor possibilities are endless! These frozen pudding sandwiches are a tasty treat your family will be sure to love.

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    1. karaokequeen's Avatar
      karaokequeen -
      This looks fantastic...Can't wait to try this. My two girls will love it, they could create their own personalised sandwiches.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Omit the Peanut Butter and add a Layer of Marshmallow fluff with the chocolate pudding to make "Frozen S'mores".
    1. jjennie20's Avatar
      jjennie20 -
      We just made this exactly as directed except we added the whipped topping. It took an entire box of graham crackers, we ran out of crackers and then we just ate the leftovers with bananas....super yummy!!! I was thinking of doint vanilla pudding with cream cheese, a little powdered sugar and pureed blueberries or strawberries. This is so great!!
    1. mastrangelo5's Avatar
      mastrangelo5 -
      This is fantastic!!! Love the frozen s'mores idea as well!!!!!
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