• How to get the Best Deal on Car Insurance

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    1. mary2molly's Avatar
      mary2molly -
      i have had the same insurance company for over 20 years, no tickets, no accidents but my rate has went up maybe this is why. I will check this out
    1. Karen11's Avatar
      Karen11 -
      thanks for the info almost time to renew might have to change companies.
    1. Nicola's Avatar
      Nicola -
      this was is very helpful. incase i over looked it, $1000 deductible (meaning you are taking on more risk) will lower your monthly premium and ask for $300,000/100,000/300,000 coverage on your policy.

      In case of an accident, you are most likely to burn thru a lower coverage in no time. Ask a insurance rep, (AAA is good) they can explain this more in detail.

      Happy coverage.
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