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    1. Jeana46's Avatar
      Jeana46 -
      want to try this!it seems pretty easy.
    1. Michelle1's Avatar
      Michelle1 -
      my niece did this one year for x-mas gifts for all the ladies in our family. she did different fragrances and put them in beautiful glass bottles that she painted herself. thanks for reminding me of that, i'll have to make some for myself!
    1. brchbell's Avatar
      brchbell -
      I did several sugar scrubs, lotion bars and chap sticks for Christams giving this last year. They were a big hit and everyone is wanting more.
    1. MessyMom's Avatar
      MessyMom -
      this looks like such an easy recipe! some are complicated so i'm not likely to get the ingredients, but this one i will make!! thank you!
    1. KelliAnn169's Avatar
      KelliAnn169 -
      can't wait to try this today, with ten inches of snow on the ground this should bring my spirits up!!
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